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Case Study: Invoice Maintenance Made Simple

Simplifying legal invoice management for a Fortune 500 utility company with customized automation solutions by InfiniGlobe.

October 25, 2021

Investing in technology is a big step for any company, with the hopes of eliminating manual processes these solutions which equate to life-changing results that have long-term effects. These technologies are fueled by innovation but oftentimes, maintaining them through the years becomes too complicated to understand for system administrators or users. In the case of our client, a Fortune 500 utility company, they had configured over 400 approval rules for law firm invoices in their MMS which has resulted in its maintenance a huge burden for their law department.

Working with our client's e-billing team we get to understand their workflow and goals to self-sufficiency, which laid the foundations for success. Download our case study and learn how our team adds value to their technology by:

  • Creating a Customized Solution

  • Simplifying Approval Rules

  • Automating Invoice System Maintenance

If your department has an MMS or separate e-billing solution in place, contact us at or (833) LGL-TECH.


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