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Case Study: Redesigning Legal Ops Processes and Technology

Graphic for a case study titled "Increasing Speed and Accuracy in the Legal Department's Budgeting and Spend Management." Includes an orange "Case Study" label, a preview of the client book cover, and the InfiniGlobe logo and contact details appear at the bottom.

July 11, 2022

Running Legal like business is how NetApp's legal department, a Fortune 500 technology company, becomes the forefront leader in the legal industry. Their team has years of experience in finding innovative ways to improve their system and in leveraging technology, using industry leading tools like TeamConnect™ to manage legal cases, spend, and workflows.

Now with the opportunity to improve their entire system, they turned to InfiniGlobe, which specializes in evaluating current systems and applications to maximize their technology investment.

Download the full case study and learn how our team helps optimize their legal operations processes with:

  • Accrual and Invoice Approval and Automation

  • Real-Time Access to Information

  • Consistent and Accurate Spend and Budget Reports

InfiniGlobe helps legal departments to optimize their processes using technology and best practices. If you also like to improve speed and accuracy, contact us at or call us at (833) LGL-TECH.

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