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Expert Legal Consulting Services at Every Step
Legal departments today grapple with a dynamic technological ecosystem. At InfiniGlobe, we don't just navigate this landscape — we master it. Our team of experts, business analysts, certified implementers, and user trainers, is armed with decades of experience spanning leading legal software solutions, and ensures your department is agile, efficient, and at the pinnacle of productivity.

Our expertise isn't confined to one sector; it's diverse. From Oil & Gas, Utilities, Technology, and Insurance to Healthcare, Energy, and Retail-Food Services, our experience cuts across a spectrum of industries. Each industry has its unique challenges, and we're equipped to meet them head-on, bringing tried and tested best practices to the table.
Expert legal tech consultancy ensuring agile solutions for Oil, Gas, Utilities, Healthcare, Energy, and Retail industries.

I highly suggest sitting down with InfiniGlobe leadership and talking through what your team is trying to accomplish.  InfiniGlobe can provide objective commentary and real-world experience to the conversation to help you craft the best plan for your needs and your company or firm. 

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Our Services :

Expert legal software analysis for optimized tech utilization.

Legal Technology Assessment

Connecting Your Needs to the Right Technology

Drowning in a sea of technology options? You're not alone. Today's vast technological landscape can be both a blessing and a curse, especially when choosing the right tools feels like finding a needle in a haystack. At InfiniGlobe, we've taken the deep dive so you don't have to. We've explored every corner and understood each tech's strengths, weaknesses, and best fits.

Our first step is always to listen and understand – what are your legal department's unique requirements, aspirations, and challenges? We then use our comprehensive knowledge of the technology ecosystem to match those needs with the most suitable tools. Our commitment is not to push a product, but to ensure that whatever solution you choose truly serves your legal department.

InfiniGlobe is one of our trusted vendors with Shell Oil Company and has significantly contributed to the implementation, development, and maintenance of both the Matter Management system and the Legal Hold system in use at Shell.

InfiniGlobe Testimonials
Efficiency-driven legal operations strategy for enhanced workflow.

Legal Operations Optimization

Legal departments can sometimes get tangled in their own processes. Minor inefficiencies can compound over time, evolving into major operational roadblocks. At InfiniGlobe, we don't just apply a band-aid solution to a perceived problem. We commit to understanding the intricacies of your operations.

Our approach is holistic, understanding not just the evident problems but the intricate inner workings of your operations. It's about identifying not just the challenges, but also the unseen links between them and probing deeper to uncover root causes. By recognizing these connections, we can unveil underlying issues you might not have been aware of, and realign your operational paths to ensure your legal department functions seamlessly. 

Streamlining Paths for Maximized Efficiency

One of the major differences between InfiniGlobe and other consulting companies is that their team does not blindly accept requirements, but asks questions and makes suggestions through proposed changes to collaboratively come to an ideal delivery product.

InfiniGlobe Testimonials

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Every company's financial landscape is unique, and so should the fee arrangements. Whether you're striving for cost savings, risk mitigation, predictability, or simplicity, we dive into the specifics of your partnerships.

Plotting a course through your current billing structures with law firms and vendors, we align them with your specific goals. By deeply understanding the nuances of both your objectives and existing vendor relationships, we craft innovative fee arrangements that resonate with your vision. No two companies are the same, and our approach ensures that your fee structures aren't just efficient, but also tailored to your ever-evolving needs.

Bridging Your Goals with Strategic Fee Structures
Cost-effective legal fee structures for cost optimization.

At the end of the day, the main reason I recommend InfiniGlobe is their people. They are knowledgeable, respectful, reliable, creative, and just fun to work with. Their creativity and accessibility surprised and pleased us. We would tell someone who is considering their business that If they tell you they can help, hire them.


InfiniGlobe Testimonials
Data-driven legal analytics for strategic KPI development.

Legal Analytics and KPIs

Your Data. Your Story.

You're not just another client with a spreadsheet to us. When you share your data, you're sharing a part of your company's soul – its highs, its lows, its challenges, and its triumphs. We respect that. Connecting the dots between your numbers, we seek the real stories they tell about your legal department. With hands-on experience from numerous corporations, we've seen many data tales and are adept at drawing out what's meaningful.

We don't merely suggest metrics; together, we craft a roadmap, selecting the KPIs and metrics most meaningful to your legal department based on their maturity and the nuances in your data. With InfiniGlobe by your side, data doesn't just inform; it inspires action.

InfiniGlobe has helped us as a consulting and development resource for a variety of projects including process improvements, reporting & analysis, spend management, matter management, and legal hold (…). 
Working with the InfiniGlobe team feels more like a true collaboration rather than a contractual agreement.

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Book cover of Legal Operations KPIs: The Professional's Handbook to Operational Excellence.

Legal Operations KPIs
The Professional's Handbook to Operational Excellence

Use the power of your legal data with "Legal Operations KPIs" guide that caters to a diverse audience, including proactive Legal Operations Professionals, strategic General Counsels, and Law Firms aiming to align with corporate legal requirements. Crafted by a seasoned expert who has both witnessed and been part of this transformation, this book transcends mere listings. It empowers readers with detailed notes and instructions, enabling both legal operations and technical audiences to create, deliver, and interpret each report and metric. Whether your goal is to impress C-level management, lead your team, or foster robust professional relationships, this book is an indispensable manual for every legal professional.

Inside The Book

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