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Legal Professional Services and Products for Exterro
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In an age where Legal Governance, Risk, and Compliance (Legal GRC) are crucial, legal teams are often bogged down with fragmented tools, leading to inefficient risk management, missed opportunities, and potential non-compliance. In partnership with Exterro, a pioneer in Legal GRC innovation, InfiniGlobe offers a seamless solution. We're here to eliminate bottlenecks, optimize processes, and ensure that your legal teams are equipped with cutting-edge tools to address Legal GRC challenges effectively.

Our alliance with Exterro isn't merely transactional. It's our shared dedication to empowering legal teams. We ensure that you're not just equipped but adept in leveraging Exterro's capabilities, streamlining the exchange of information and bolstering risk management.

I vastly recommend InfiniGlobe LLC because they are an excellent partner that offers a team of experts with experience in deploying and enhancing technology solutions for corporate legal departments.

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What We Offer:

Legal Hold Implementation

We begin by scrutinizing your current processes and highlighting pain points. Our implementation of the Exterro platform is tailor-made, ensuring alignment with your specific needs and industry benchmarks.

Tailored Legal Hold Implementation with Exterro platform integration for enhanced Legal GRC management by InfiniGlobe.
InfiniGlobe's specialized service for custom TeamConnect integration solutions ensuring efficient data workflows.

Customized Solutions

Beyond conventional setups, we deeply understand your technological landscape. This allows us to create bespoke integration solutions, with a spotlight on TeamConnect, ensuring seamless data flow.

Support and Training

Our commitment stretches far beyond the implementation phase. We're dedicated to fostering knowledge, with training sessions personalized for users and administrators. As we believe in evolution, our periodic evaluations ensure that your experience with Exterro keeps getting better. Count on us for unwavering support and efficient problem resolution.

Ongoing support and personalized training services for users and administrators in legal tech solutions.

Maximize Your Technology Investment
with TeamConnect Plugins.

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Zapproved - TeamConnect Connector

Automate your MMS and Legal Hold Systems synchronization, centralize data access, and streamline your compliance and reporting with ease.

InfiniGlobe - TeamConnect Services - Exterro - TeamConnect Connector Logo

Exterro - TeamConnect Connector

Streamline your Legal GRC challenges, optimize processes, and bolster risk management effectively with our innovative, integrated tools.

Experience This Proven Success.

InfiniGlobe - Exterro Services - Cover page of a whitepaper titled 'Integrating Exterro™ and Mitratech TeamConnect™' with a subtitle 'Bridging the Gap Between Legal Holds and Matter Management Systems'. Below is a tagline 'A Guide for Corporate Legal Teams' and watermarked logos of InfiniGlobe at the bottom.

Large corporations often grapple with the complex legal hold process. This case study delves into the challenges when Matter Management Systems (MMS) and Legal Hold Systems (LHS) run as separate systems, causing inefficiencies and putting a risk on compliance. Download the whitepaper and discover best practice solutions for common LHS and MMS problems.

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