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Exterro - TeamConnect Integration

​Seamless Integration for LHS and MMS Systems.

Maximize Your Technology Investments.

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Introducing the Exterro - TeamConnect Connector an out-of-the-box integration of Enterprise Legal Management and Exterro's Legal Hold System. This connector streamlines the intricate process of legal holds and matter management. As legal holds remain crucial for corporations to avoid sanctions and ensure compliance, seamless communication between these two systems has been historically challenging, often leading to inefficiencies and compliance risks.


Users are enabled to initiate holds directly from TeamConnect, view pertinent hold information alongside matter details, and synchronize crucial data automatically. By mitigating the need for manual data transfers and providing a centralized information hub, the connector not only enhances productivity but also fortifies compliance, making it a transformative solution for modern corporate law departments.

Elevating Productivity and Simplifying Reporting Through Seamless, Secure Integration.

Automatic Syncing

Say goodbye to manual entries and batch processes. The connector ensures real-time data transfer between Exterro and TeamConnect.

One-Click Actions

Initiate legal holds or update matter information right from your TeamConnect screen, no navigation required.

Centralized Monitoring

View, track, and monitor the status of matters and legal holds without toggling between systems.

Experience this Proven Success.

:  A case study titled 'Integrating Exterro™ and Mitratech TeamConnect™' with a subtitle 'Bridging the Gap Between Legal Holds and Matter Management Systems'. Below is a tagline 'A Guide for Corporate Legal Teams' and watermarked logos of InfiniGlobe at the bottom.

Large corporations often grapple with the complex legal hold process. This case study delves into the challenges when Matter Management Systems (MMS) and Legal Hold Systems (LHS) run as separate systems, causing inefficiencies and putting a risk on compliance. Download the whitepaper and discover best practice solutions for common LHS and MMS problems.

As a technology partner with both Exterro and Mitratech, InfiniGlobe offers an out-of-the-box integration connector for both systems. Whether you have one system, the other, or both -- and are interested in upgrading your technology, you can consider the integration already taken care of. 

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