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IG Accrual™

​Accruals Management and Reporting in TeamConnect™

Managing and reporting accruals often present hurdles, from inconsistent data submissions to the complexities of deadline tracking. IG Accrual™, integrated with TeamConnect, is tailored to overcome these challenges, offering an advanced solution that guarantees data precision. Targeting the specific pain points of legal departments and law firms, ushers in a more efficient and error-free accrual management experience.

Navigate Accrual Complexities with Ease; Let IG Accrual™ Pave the Path to Precision and Promptness in TeamConnect.

Guided Accrual Input

Clean accrual data input guidelines provide vendors with clear guidelines on how to submit accruals, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

Submission Reminders

Automated prompts ensure timely accrual submissions, preventing missed deadlines and facilitating a seamless workflow.

Accrual Period Management

Achieve clarity in defining and overseeing the accrual period, efficiently managing the freeze period and any exceptions.

Who Will Benefit Most:

Legal Operations Team

With IG Accrual™, experience a refined, simplified approach to accrual management. Minimize complexities and streamline processes, making oversight a breeze.

Simplified accrual management for legal teams depicted by interconnected figures collaborating around a table.
Automated accrual process for eBilling teams enhancing efficiency and productivity.

eBilling Team / Coordinators

Break free from the confines of manual entries. Automate your accrual management process, ensuring timely updates and increased productivity.

Finance Team

No more guesswork. With precise and punctual accrual reports from IG Accrual™, enhance your financial forecasting accuracy and make strategic decisions with confidence.

IG Accrual™ reports for enhanced financial planning and decision-making accuracy in finance teams.

Experience This Proven Success.

InfiniGlobe – IG Accrual  - Front page of a whitepaper titled "Increasing Speed and Accuracy in Budgeting and Spend Management."  There's also a logo for InfiniGlobe at the bottom. The background features a blurred image of a road or highway with light streaks.

A top Fortune 500 tech company wanted to improve its legal department's budget and spending management. With InfiniGlobe's help, they transformed their workflow to be quicker and more automated. They used advanced tools, such as IG Accrual™, and automated reports to get instant updates on their budget and spending which has improved overall efficiency.

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