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IG Invoice Review

Automate Invoice Review and Approval in TeamConnect™

Invoice review approval in law departments is a massive task involving various staff tiers, from attorneys to even CEOs in some instances. With hundreds of invoices flooding in every month, even with e-billing tools in place, reviewing them becomes a daunting task prone to human error.

IG Invoice Review emerges as a transformative solution, optimizing this invoicing bottleneck in the most efficient and reliable tool, all while seamlessly integrating with TeamConnect.

 IG Invoice Review™ Simplifies the Complex, Turning Influx into Insight in TeamConnect.

Automated Reviews

Initiate an initial review, provide comprehensive analysis checklists for any issues, and finalize with a second review leading to invoice approval.


Directly address invoicing issues with firms, provide regular updates to Legal Ops, and send weekly reminders to approvers for pending invoices.

Clear Guidelines

Streamline billing guidelines and refine audit rules for clearer and more efficient invoice processes.

Who Will Benefit Most:

Legal Operations Team

Transform your operations, gain efficiency in your workflows while reducing time spent on invoice management, and benefit from a 360-degree view of all invoicing activities with IG Invoice. The platform is designed to boost productivity and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

eBilling Team / Coordinators

Revolutionize your invoicing experience.  Our tool offers a clear, streamlined process that eliminates tedious manual tasks. Say goodbye to invoicing uncertainties and welcome a system where precision and clarity drive every action.

Experience This Proven Success.

This image displays a front page of a whitepaper. The title reads "Increasing Speed and Accuracy in Budgeting and Spend Management." It mentions how technology advancements are transforming business processes. The document serves as a guide for corporate law departments and legal department leaders. There's also a logo for InfiniGlobe at the bottom. The background features a blurred image of a road or highway with light streaks, indicating speed or motion.

A top Fortune 500 tech company wanted to improve its legal department's budget and spending management. With InfiniGlobe's help, they transformed their workflow to be quicker and more automated. They used advanced tools, such as IG Invoice Review™, and automated reports to get instant updates on their budget and spending which has improved overall efficiency.

Reach Out. Get Results.

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