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IG Security Tracker

Manage and Audit Group and Users Security in TeamConnect™

Securing user permissions and ensuring strict compliance within platforms like TeamConnect is crucial. IG Security Tracker™ is specifically designed to help organizations strengthen security measures, providing a comprehensive overview and efficient user management tools that streamline administrative processes while upholding IT security standards.

Steer Clear of Security Pitfalls with IG Security Tracker™, Your Trusted Companion in TeamConnect Protection and Precision.

Permission Inheritance

Automate the assignment of permissions based on predefined criteria like organizational charts, job functions, or user-specific roles and practice areas.

Access Overview

Visualize user access across different TeamConnect features with a user access matrix, ensuring precise management and supervision of permissions.

User Management

Swiftly onboard new users by equipping them with the necessary information and permissions, and ensure that departing users are securely off-boarded.

Who Will Benefit Most:

Legal Operations Team

Untangle the complexities of user access management. Gain a complete view of permissions, ensuring comprehensive security coverage without any lapses or oversights.

Comprehensive security and user access management system for legal operations teams.
Streamlined permission control interface for TeamConnect Admins ensuring protocol adherence.

TeamConnect Admins

Simplify user security management and easily manage user permissions, ensuring everyone follows the set protocols consistently.

IT Security

By integrating with TeamConnect, we ensure that compliance and security best practices become a natural part of your operations. This setup provides strong defenses against vulnerabilities through powerful automated systems.

Automated IT security and compliance integration within TeamConnect for enhanced operational defense.

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