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Legal Professional Services and Products for TeamConnect

At InfiniGlobe, we've established our expertise in deploying and maximizing the capabilities of TeamConnect – Mitratech's leading Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform. TeamConnect is not just a tool; it's a dynamic bridge connecting people, processes, and information across an enterprise. Our deep understanding of its intricacies ensures that our clients harness its full potential, ensuring efficiency, growth, and compliance.

Our partnership with Mitratech, a global pioneer in legal and compliance software solutions, speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and innovation. As Mitratech continues to command the trust of over 40% of the Fortune 500, we stay right beside, ensuring that every TeamConnect implementation we oversee mirrors the excellence the platform promises. Together, we share the vision of a seamless legal operation, backed by software solutions that set industry standards.

What We Offer :

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System Tune-Up

Over time, even robust platforms like TeamConnect may require adjustments to cater to changing legal regulations, business strategies, and user needs. At InfiniGlobe, our specific expertise with TeamConnect drives us to conduct a meticulous review of your database, optimizing it for peak performance. We engage closely with your users, delving into each TeamConnect screen and feature, ensuring it's tailored to address present-day challenges. Our objective isn't just maintenance; it's about refining TeamConnect to continuously serve as a cornerstone of your enterprise legal management.

Revitalizing Your TeamConnect Experience

I vastly recommend InfiniGlobe LLC because they are an excellent partner that offers a team of experts with experience in deploying and enhancing technology solutions for corporate legal departments.

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Application Configuration

Fine-tuning TeamConnect for Optimal Efficiency

Each legal department has its own distinct operations, challenges, and data requirements. While TeamConnect offers a versatile platform adaptable to these needs, maximizing its capabilities demands specialized expertise. InfiniGlobe brings that expertise to the forefront.

We handle tasks from adding new fields to more complex activities like integrating new practice areas or establishing specific access controls. Our certified experts ensure that TeamConnect aligns seamlessly with your legal operations, captures essential data, and bolsters your workflows. Partnering with us provides a TeamConnect setup finely attuned to your distinct legal environment.

They have not only resolved issues; they have provided enhancement to make processes more efficient and issue-free.

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Data Conversion

Efficient TeamConnect Data Transition

Data conversion in TeamConnect involves more than just moving data between two systems.  Our expertise at InfiniGlobe ensures that data transitioned into TeamConnect retains its integrity, accuracy, and relevance.


As the platform continually evolves, we stay ahead of the curve by addressing compatibility issues, optimizing field mappings, and managing the intricate processes inherent to TeamConnect migrations. This deep understanding allows us to address data cleanup requirements effectively, ensuring that your TeamConnect platform operates with the most accurate and pertinent information at its core.

Before working with InfiniGlobe, I would categorize our experience as a nightmare since the prior consultant knew nothing about the Legal Hold Module of TeamConnect.  Thanks to InfiniGlobe’s support we were able to complete the conversion of the legal hold data project successfully. 

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Turning Your Data into Legal Intelligence

TeamConnect, with its vast data capabilities, serves as a foundation for your legal operations. However, tapping into this wealth of data to derive actionable insights requires a strategic approach. Using tools like TCBI, Business Objects, and our deep understanding of TeamConnect, we craft precise reports tailored for the legal domain.


Whether it's compliance tracking, case management analytics, or performance metrics, we ensure that the data serves your legal team in the most impactful way. Partner with us for dedicated TeamConnect reporting, driving data-informed decisions for your legal functions.

The system upgrade that  could not get done in four years on our own, [InfiniGlobe] completed in just six months!

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System Integration

Linking TeamConnect to Your Enterprise

TeamConnect is not an isolated system but a hub for numerous legal functionalities. Our approach prioritizes the tight integration of TeamConnect with your existing enterprise solutions. Leveraging our deep knowledge of TeamConnect's architecture and your operational demands, we ensure that all integrations - be it with document management, matter management, or accounts payable systems - are efficient and aligned with your legal workflows.

The result? A more connected, agile, and responsive legal management platform, fine-tuned to your specific enterprise requirements.

The InfiniGlobe team is very knowledgeable, friendly, and great to work with – their team helps us with setting up a plan and following through with it.

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Upgrade Services

Optimizing Your ELM System for Tomorrow

Our focus on TeamConnect ensures that platform upgrades are both precise and purposeful. From the first assessment to post-launch, our services are geared towards enhancing capabilities without interrupting workflows. As part of our commitment, our post-launch workshops and continuous support ensure your team confidently adopts the new features.


Beyond the upgrade, we focus on facilitating a seamless transition for your team, ensuring they harness the full potential of the enhanced system. Every upgrade is an opportunity to further align TeamConnect with your legal operations' evolving needs.

InfiniGlobe demonstrated their professionalism and expertise during the span of our upgrade project .

InfiniGlobe - Photo of Curtis Batterton with his name, role and company.

Maximize Your Technology Investment with TeamConnect Plugins.

InfiniGlobe - TeamConnect Services - NetDocuments - TeamConnect Connector Logo

NetDocuments - TeamConnect Connector

Bridge your legal management and document systems with this integration, achieving seamless navigation, enhanced security, and streamlined workflows.

InfiniGlobe – IG Insight - The image depicts a digital or holographic hand reaching out to touch with a floating cube.

IG Insight™ 

Unlock deeper system insights and actionable strategies with an easy-to-use interface, enhancing security, performance, and simplicity for Legal Ops and IT teams.

InfiniGlobe - IG Accruals™ - The image portrays a hand handing over a coin to another hand.

IG Accruals™ 

Streamline accruals management in legal departments with a solution that ensures data precision, guides input, automates reminders, and efficiently oversees accrual periods for enhanced workflow consistency and accuracy.

InfiniGlobe - TeamConnect Services - Zapproved - TeamConnect Connector Logo

Zapproved - TeamConnect Connector

Automate your MMS and Legal Hold Systems synchronization, centralize data access, and streamline your compliance and reporting with ease.

InfiniGlobe - IG Copilot - The image showcases a digital or holographic representation of an aircraft.

IG Copilot™

Employ GenAI to automate mundane tasks, liberating legal professionals to concentrate on complex aspects of their work, supported by sophisticated assistance and stringent data privacy.

InfiniGlobe - IG Budget™ - Holographic light bulb with floating bars inside, suggesting data analytics and growth.

IG Budget ™ 

Enhance budget management with automated review and approval processes, systematic vendor engagement, comprehensive reporting, and integrated workflows that transform precision-driven budgeting strategy in legal teams.

InfiniGlobe - TeamConnect Services - Exterro - TeamConnect Connector Logo

Exterro - TeamConnect Connector

Streamline your Legal GRC challenges, optimize processes, and bolster risk management effectively with our innovative, integrated tools.

InfiniGlobe - IG TheDup - The image depicts a digital or holographic representation monitor.

IG TheDup™ 

Streamline your contact management in legal systems with this feature designed to identify, verify, and merge duplicate records, enhancing data precision through advanced 'fuzzy search' technology.

InfiniGlobe - IG Invoice Review™ - Holographic stacked coins and a coin with a dollar symbol on it.

IG Invoice Review™ 

Revolutionize invoicing management with an automated system for thorough reviews, direct communication on invoicing issues, and clear guideline implementation, ensuring efficient and error-free invoice approval processes.

InfiniGlobe - IG Shadow™ - Holographic target with an arrow hitting the bullseye.

IG Shadow™

Enhance vendor performance verification with a solution that offers in-depth analysis, ensures alignment on Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFA), and brings transparency to billing, driving value in every engagement.

InfiniGlobe - IG Security™ - Holographic blue shield with a futuristic design.

IG Security™

Revolutionize security management by automating permission assignments, visualizing access controls, and streamlining user onboarding and off-boarding, ensuring compliance and robust protection in your operational ecosystem.

The image portrays a digital or holographic representation of a gavel resting on a stand.

IG Subpoena™

Simplify your subpoena management with real-time request tracking, integrated workflows, and organized archiving for quick retrieval, all within a unified environment, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

InfiniGlobe - IG Volume Discount™ - Holographic piggy bank under an umbrella with a upward trend arrow.

IG Volume Discount™

Seamlessly automate volume discounts, enhance billing accuracy, and track procurement in real-time with integrated eBilling synergy.

InfiniGlobe - Data Analytics Mobile App - Holographic hand holding a smartphone.

Data Analytics Mobile App

Manage legal workflows on the go. Get instant access to reports, alerts, and team updates for quick, informed decisions anytime, anywhere

 Experience These  Proven Success.

InfiniGlobe – TeamConnect Services - Cover page of a case study titled 'Top US Bank Upgrades Its Document Management System' with a subtitle 'Maximizing Legal Department Technologies: NetDocuments™ - TeamConnect™ Integration'. Below is a tagline 'A Guide for Corporate Legal Departments' and watermarked logos of InfiniGlobe at the bottom.

Faced with an outdated document management system, a leading Top 10 US bank turned to NetDocuments™, only to confront integration challenges with their existing ELM, Mitratech TeamConnect™. Through InfiniGlobe's expertise, a seamless solution emerged. Download the case study and discover why seamless integration was the remedy for technology upgrade inefficiencies.

InfiniGlobe – TeamConnect Services - Cover page of a case study titled 'Integrating Exterro™ and Mitratech TeamConnect™' with a subtitle 'Bridging the Gap Between Legal Holds and Matter Management Systems'. Below is a tagline 'A Guide for Corporate Legal Teams' and watermarked logos of InfiniGlobe at the bottom.

Large corporations often grapple with the complex legal hold process. This case study delves into the challenges when Matter Management Systems (MMS) and Legal Hold Systems (LHS) run as separate systems, causing inefficiencies and putting a risk on compliance. Download the whitepaper and discover best practice solutions for common LHS and MMS problems.

InfiniGlobe – TeamConnect Services - Cover page of a case study titled 'Integrating Zapproved Legal Hold Pro™ and Mitratech TeamConnect™'. Subtitle reads 'Bridging the Gap Between Legal Holds and Matter Management Systems' accompanied by 'A Guide for Corporate Legal Teams'. Watermarked InfiniGlobe logos can be seen at the bottom.

The integration of Zapproved™ and TeamConnect™ isn't just theoretical; it's already changing the game. A legal department of a Fortune 500 utility company is challenged with inefficiencies when its Matter Management and Legal Hold do not communicate. Download our case study and learn how we successfully solved this problem. 

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