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IG Shadow

Firm and Vendor Performance Verification in TeamConnect™

Navigating vendor performance and spending in the legal industry often feels like walking through a maze. IG Shadow illuminates this path, offering a comprehensive solution that's intertwined with TeamConnect. With it, law firms and legal departments gain unparalleled clarity and control over their vendor engagements, ensuring value at every turn.

Features that Transform Your Workflow.

Performance Overview

Dive deep into vendor interactions with the power of Shadow Analysis. Measure performance against established budgets, ensuring that you consistently derive the utmost value from your investments.

AFA Alignment

Be future-ready with an unparalleled tool tailored for Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFA). Seamlessly align with vendors on billing nuances and deliverables, fostering engagements that are both transparent and pinpoint accurate.


Elevate your billing interactions with the introduction of Shadow Invoicing terms. This not only simplifies agreements but also makes certain that all parties are crystal clear on the billing specifications.

Who Will Benefit Most:

Legal Operations Team

Streamline your vendor management process. This not only allows for meticulous tracking of performance metrics but also ensures that financial engagements are overseen and managed.

Vendor management optimization and performance tracking tool for legal operations teams.
Comprehensive transaction tracking and management system for eBilling coordinators.

eBilling Team / Coordinators

Experience unparalleled visibility into every transaction, guaranteeing that every cent is tracked, managed, and justified.

In-House Attorneys

Always stay informed about vendor progress, timely deliverables, and financial exchanges. It ensures that all activities remain in sync with predetermined budgets, allowing for efficient cost and progress management.

Vendor management and budget synchronization tool for in-house attorney oversight.

Reach Out. Get Results.

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