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IG Copilot

Secure, Intelligent Legal Assistance for Modern Legal Departments

In our journey as a legal services provider, we recognized the need to empower legal departments by using GenAI to automate mundane manual tasks, allowing legal professionals to allocate more time to higher-value activities. Legal intake, a process inundated with tedious manual work, particularly places a substantial burden on paralegals, involving extensive data extraction and entry.

InfiniGlobe Copilot is not just about streamlining legal intake; it’s also a sophisticated assistant module designed to aid paralegals and attorneys by providing information, summaries, and advice on legal matters. This dual functionality makes legal processes more efficient and frees paralegals and lawyers to focus on more substantive work. However, introducing AI to legal work brings forth significant data privacy considerations, especially when dealing with confidential company details or personally identifiable information. We’ve meticulously crafted IG Copilot to address these concerns, enabling law departments to harness the power of AI securely and effectively.

I recommend InfiniGlobe not only for the quality and speed of service and delivery but also because I am impressed with their forward-thinking work around how to apply AI to solve Legal Operations problems.

InfiniGlobe Endorsements

You’re the Captain; Delegate the Mundane to IG Copilot and Focus on the Nuanced Intricacies of Legal Work.

For Lawyers and General Counsel.

  • Ensure Privacy: Leverage a unique, secure approach for redacting client data before submitting documents to AI for analysis.

  • Improve efficiency: Streamline the case intake process by automating many of the tasks involved and free up paralegals to concentrate on more fulfilling, higher value work.

  • Improve accuracy and completeness: Ensure that more complete and accurate information is presented to the lawyers sooner in the process.

  • Reduce risk: Reduce the potential for errors in extracting and entering relevant information, while making QA easier for paralegals. This helps avoid costly mistakes and ensures better matter management.

AI legal assistant enhancing privacy, efficiency, accuracy for attorney and paralegal document review.

For Paralegals.

AI empowerment in legal tasks for paralegal efficiency, faster case intake, and improved data accuracy.
  • Paralegal support: Delegate many of the most tedious intake tasks to AI so paralegals can work more efficiently.

  • Faster intake: Save time by automating many of the tasks involved in case intake, enabling paralegals to move on to other priorities sooner.

  • Improve data quality: Reduce potential errors and capture more complete information faster. Focus less on the monotony of data entry while providing more complete and accurate intake information to lawyers.

  • Elevate the role of the paralegal: Focus on more interesting and valuable work such as legal research, document drafting, client interviewing, and trial preparation.

For Legal Ops and IT.

  • Strong data privacy: Get the benefit of AI while protecting sensitive business and personal information.

  • Fast implementation: Implement this solution within weeks, not months.

  • Improve operations: Accelerate cycle time, capture more useful data more accurately, and enable better operational metrics.

  • Scalability: Start with legal intake and expand to other use cases that we are building using the same paradigm.

AI integration for Legal Ops data privacy, swift implementation, operational improvement, and scalability.

Information Privacy.

The evolution of Generative AI and Large Language Models requires careful consideration of data privacy, especially in the context of legal work. Our solution safeguards confidential business data and personally identifiable information by redacting sensitive information before submitting legal documents to the LLM and enabling paralegals and/or lawyers to review and approve redactions before submission.

  • IG Copilot safeguards your sensitive data using state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

  • By masking sensitive data, this approach avoids sharing your data with public AI models.

  • You remain in total control of your data. Access, correct, or delete data at any time.

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