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IG Subpoena

Subpoena Management and Tracking in TeamConnect™

Managing service of process and subpoenas can be a daunting task for corporate legal departments. Overloaded with subpoenas-related duties, legal operations can become bogged down by manual workflows.


What if there was a streamlined solution to simplify and enhance this process? Introducing IG Subpoena Management in TeamConnect™. The powerful tool enables legal departments to efficiently manage and track subpoena requests, thus reducing the redundant tasks and minimizing errors.

IG Subpoena™ Brings Clarity and Efficiency to Every Request in TeamConnect.

Automated Request Tracking

No subpoena request will be overlooked or left unattended. Capture them all efficiently and in real-time.

Integrated Workflow 

Say goodbye to disjointed processes. Integrate all your tasks within a unified TeamConnect environment.

Archiving and Retrieval

Safeguard your subpoenas and relevant documents in an organized structure, ensuring easy retrieval whenever needed.

Who Will Benefit Most:

Legal Operations Team

If you're looking to streamline and improve your subpoena management process in TeamConnect, IG Subpoena Management is your answer. It's designed specifically to enhance efficiency and remove unnecessary steps.

We chose InfiniGlobe because we wanted to partner with subject matter experts that not only understood our key products but our practice management processes and workstreams.

InfiniGlobe Endorsements
Subpoena management optimization tool for legal teams, enhancing process efficiency in TeamConnect.
Document compliance management tool for streamlined legal request adherence by officers.

Compliance Officers

Ensure adherence to all legal requests and timely document production becomes effortless. Equip yourself with a tool designed to simplify and reinforce compliance at every stage.

InfiniGlobe’s service stood out to us because of our working relationship: we enjoyed working with everyone on the IG team, lots of follow-ups, very flexible.

InfiniGlobe Endorsements

Legal Teams

For professionals inundated with subpoena requests, the tool offers a comprehensive, optimized solution for seamless documentation and streamlined management. Shift your focus from manual tasks to strategic actions.

Beyond InfiniGlobe’s ability to bring both its experience and technical ability to the fore in executing multiple successful technology projects for us, the combination of the teams’ patience, collegiality, and thoroughness helped ensure projects stayed on track even while overcoming hurdles along the way.

William Gratsch.png
Subpoena management enhancement tool for legal teams to transition from manual to strategic operations.

Experience This Proven Success.

InfiniGlobe – IG Subpoena™ – The image is a cover of a case study. The title reads "Easing the Pain of Subpoena Tracking and Management." Below the title, there's a subtitle that says, "How Automating Your Subpoenas in TeamConnect™ Saves Time and Resources”.The lower part of the image contains a logo of InfiniGlobe.

Dealing with subpoenas can be a headache for legal teams. Between tight deadlines and heaps of paperwork, the process becomes overwhelming. This was the challenge a major company faced until InfiniGlobe stepped in. Our solution for TeamConnect™ turned lengthy, manual tasks into quick, automated ones. The result? The company slashed their subpoena processing time and boosted their efficiency. Check out our case study to see the transformation.

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