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TeamConnect™ Contacts Deduplication Made Easy

Managing multiple contacts with slight variations or duplications hampers the efficiency of any system, especially in the intricate legal field where precision is paramount. TheDup offers a smart solution to this persistent problem, ensuring cleaner, more accurate contact data within TeamConnect™.

There were no surprises really– we knew we were in good hands.

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How TheDup Works:

With an ever-increasing flow of information, duplication of data in TeamConnect became inevitable. This led to confusion among users, as they were uncertain about which contact to select. To ensure information accuracy, users would either choose a contact randomly or create a new one, leading to an escalating problem of duplicate data. InfiniGlobe recognized the growing challenge and developed 'TheDup' - an innovative feature within our IG Insight™ tool. TheDup efficiently identifies and merges duplicate records in TeamConnect.

Here are two examples, one of a person contact and one of a company contact, with each having three different contact cards. Below we illustrate the points that differentiate each one:

Contact deduplication example showing variations of an individual's contact information.
Corporate contact deduplication example displaying multiple entries for the same company.

Unlike a traditional exact search, IG Insight TheDup uses “fuzzy searches” to find all variations of duplicates. For instance, below you can see TheDup results in finding three contact cards that belong to the same person:

TheDup tool's fuzzy search results showing a list of potential duplicate contact cards for streamlined verification in TeamConnect.

TheDup, integrated with IG Insight, allows users to easily review potential duplicate contacts and related information in TeamConnect. After presenting the detected duplicates to clients in an Excel format for verification, confirmed duplicates are seamlessly merged by the TeamConnect administrator, ensuring organized and accurate contact records.

Features that Transform Your Workflow.

Advanced Fuzzy Search

TheDup™'s intelligent mechanism identifies nuanced duplications, even when they're not exact matches, ensuring comprehensive deduplication.

User Verification Interface

Our tool offers users a clear, intuitive interface to review and validate potential duplicates, ensuring accuracy before any merging.

Merging Tool

Post-confirmation, TheDup™ flawlessly consolidates duplicate contacts while automatically adjusting all related references, preserving data integrity.

Who Will Benefit Most :

TeamConnect Users

TheDup™ ensures users can swiftly identify the right contact, cutting down search times and eliminating the confusion stemming from duplicate or near-identical entries.

Efficient contact identification feature by TheDup™ for TeamConnect users, streamlining search and reducing duplication errors.
Streamlined contact management using TheDup™, showcasing the efficiency of deduplication technology within TeamConnect™.

Legal Operations Teams

Safeguard the integrity of your contact database. By eradicating redundancies and inconsistencies, it empowers legal operation teams to work with confidence, knowing that each contact is unique, accurate, and updated. This reduces time spent on contact verifications and rectifications, leading to smoother operations.

Reporting Teams

Dive into analytics with unwavering confidence. With a deduplicated contact database, reports are devoid of skewed data from duplicate entries. This ensures that insights derived are accurate and reflective of the true state of affairs, enhancing decision-making processes.

Accurate analytics and reporting through TheDup™ deduplication within TeamConnect™, ensuring data integrity for legal reporting teams.

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