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Legal Professional Services and Products for NetDocuments

NetDocuments, renowned for its cloud-based document and email management service, offers unparalleled security, mobility, disaster recovery, and collaboration tools. Catering particularly to sectors like law firms, financial institutions, and insurance that require stringent data security, they've set an industry benchmark.

Aligning with InfiniGlobe's innovative mindset, our collaboration transcends the traditional partnership. Together, we envision a future where technology streamlines legal processes, reduces administrative overheads, and enhances overall productivity.

What We Offer:

Customized Integrations

With NetDocuments' robust API capabilities, we design integrations tailored to your precise needs, eliminating tedious tasks like double data entry and multiple log-ins.

InfiniGlobe's customized NetDocuments integration for secure, efficient document management in legal sectors.
Dedicated support and development services ensuring rapid query response and enhanced efficiency in legal tech solutions.

Support and Development

Our partnership ensures you receive rapid responses to your queries, reducing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Training and Implementation

Benefit from our combined expertise, ensuring smooth onboarding, training, and maximum utilization of the integrated platform.

Expert training and implementation services for maximizing efficiency on integrated NetDocuments with TeamConnect platforms.

Maximize Your Technology Investment with
TeamConnect - NetDocuments Connector.

InfiniGlobe - NetDocuments Services - NetDocuments - TeamConnect Connector Logo

One of the biggest hurdles faced by modern legal departments is the lack of seamless integration between their Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) and Document Management System (DMS). This disconnect often leads to countless hours wasted on manual tasks and workarounds. Introducing our TeamConnect - NetDocuments Connector: a robust solution that eliminates these inefficiencies.

Experience This Proven Success.

InfiniGlobe - NetDocuments Services - Cover page of a case study titled 'Top US Bank Upgrades Its Document Management System' with a subtitle 'Maximizing Legal Department Technologies: NetDocuments™ - TeamConnect™ Integration'. Below is a tagline 'A Guide for Corporate Legal Departments' and watermarked logos of InfiniGlobe at the bottom.

Faced with an outdated document management system, a leading Top 10 US bank turned to NetDocuments™, only to confront integration challenges with their existing ELM, Mitratech TeamConnect™. Through InfiniGlobe's expertise, a seamless solution emerged. Download the case study and discover why seamless integration was the remedy for technology upgrade inefficiencies.

Reach Out. Get Results.

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