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Press Release: InfiniGlobe's New Integration Connector Empowers TeamConnect™ and NetDocuments™

Innovative InfiniGlobe connector integrating TeamConnect and NetDocuments for streamlined document management and productivity boost.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Today InfiniGlobe announced its release of a new integration connector that allows for Mitratech TeamConnect™ to interface with NetDocuments™ services so TeamConnect users will not have to leave their browser to create a workspace in NetDocuments and can move documents between the applications with the click of a button. The integration is simple and results in significant time and costs savings, eliminating the wait for the batch sync process and optimizing staff’s daily tasks.

“Our deep technology partnerships with both Mitratech and InfiniGlobe provide a value-add to our mutual customers and deliver additional ways to increase productivity,” stated Reza Parsia, VP, Strategic Partner Management, NetDocuments.

This new InfiniGlobe product is the result of InfiniGlobe’s decades of industry experience in implementing best practices, upgrading, and integrating Mitratech TeamConnect as well as leveraging their ISV technology partnership with NetDocuments.

"This is an exciting example of Mitratech partners -- InfiniGlobe and NetDocuments -- solving the office of general counsel's need of doing more with less resources." stated, Danish Butt, Director, Partner Programs, Mitratech.

Read the official press release here.

If your law department is currently using or planning to use NetDocuments™ and an ELM solution such as TeamConnect™, please reach out to us at to learn more about the capabilities and to see a demonstration.


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