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System Support Services

Expert-Level Maintenance and On-Call Support

At InfiniGlobe, we specialize in providing second-tier application support for top-tier legal operations. Our expertise in TeamConnect and Onit systems means we offer a VIP treatment with rapid, informed responses tailored to your custom configurations. With InfiniGlobe, you're not just hiring support, you're gaining a partner in legal technology excellence.

Before we engaged the InfiniGlobe team, consistent support over time was a challenge. 

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Legal technology partnership offering comprehensive support for TeamConnect and Onit systems, ensuring excellence in legal operations.

What We Offer :

Responsive on-call legal support ensuring seamless TeamConnect and Onit system integration for efficient client service.

We're Here for You

On-Call Support for Effortless Connectivity

Our expert support team is within reach through a suite of convenient, user-friendly tools designed for rapid contact. Whether it’s a direct call, a swift email, or a simple click on our web portal, you're connected to the assistance you need without delay. We've structured our response system to prioritize your queries, ensuring that critical issues are addressed with impressive speed.


Our intimate knowledge of TeamConnect and Onit systems allows for not just quick, but informed and precise actions, significantly reducing resolution times. At InfiniGlobe, we understand that every second counts in legal operations, which is why we've honed our processes to deliver not just help, but solutions, right when you need them.

What blew us away when working with InfiniGlobe was the quality of support. They are very helpful, easy to get a hold of, quick response time, turnaround for fixes was done in a timely manner, easy to work with.

InfiniGlobe Testimonials

Tailored Expertise

Expert Configuration and Feature Integration

As problem-solvers familiar with every detail of your TeamConnect and Onit systems, we at InfiniGlobe offer support that goes beyond the standard. We focus on what's necessary for your legal operations, creating customized configurations and integrating new features that make sense for your workflow and business needs.


Our goal is to provide efficient solutions promptly—resolving many issues within just 4 hours. Expect a support experience that's in tune with your operations, enhancing your system's capabilities without unnecessary complications.

Customized TeamConnect system support by InfiniGlobe, illustrated by digital hands configuring software features.

I can rely on InfiniGlobe to respond and to contribute deep knowledge that gets through to the root cause and resolution quickly. They are also just a pleasure to work with.

InfiniGlobe Testimonials

Ready for Premier Support ?

What is Included.


As a certified partner of Mitratech and Onit, InfiniGlobe offers two decades of specialized support and maintenance services, ensuring your systems are managed by accredited professionals.


Our dedicated team provides on-call support, swiftly responding to requests, incidents, and managing changes to keep your operations running smoothly.​


With our "Kitchen" ticketing system, we continuously monitor and manage support queries, maintaining high data accuracy and timely follow-ups for issue resolution.


Adhering to strict SLAs, our support structure guarantees fast issue resolution, with response times starting as quickly as four hours, ensuring minimal downtime.


We specialize in tailored solutions for TeamConnect and Onit, from strategic modifications to significant enhancements, designed to fit your unique operational requirements.


Utilize our comprehensive 'Kitchen' Service Desk for streamlined communication, allowing for efficient ticket management and updates on ongoing support activities.

Our Secret to Speed.

IG Insight, our proprietary tool for TeamConnect, revolutionizes support by offering cutting-edge diagnostics as a standard feature in our service package. By delving into your system's architecture, it ensures swift and accurate issue identification, leading to quicker resolutions and reduced downtime.


It goes beyond mere detection, providing actionable insights for system optimization. With IG Insight, you benefit from an advanced support model designed to streamline complexity, enhance user experience, and cut maintenance costs, all while your legal operations continue to function seamlessly.

Love the Global-Search-like bar you have for IG Insight! Works like a charm and saves multiple clicks when I am just looking for a quick answer!

IG Insight provides real-time analytics for TeamConnect system optimization.
InfiniGlobe Testimonials

Got Questions About Our Support Solutions ?

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