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Zapproved - TeamConnectIntegration

​Seamless Integration for LHS and MMS Systems.
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Introducing the Zapproved™ - TeamConnect™ Connector an out-of-the-box integration of Enterprise Legal Management and Zapproved's Legal Hold System. Large corporations frequently encounter challenges when trying to synchronize their Matter Management Systems (MMS) and Legal Hold Systems (LHS).


Traditional methods often involve slow manual transfers, leading to potential human error and inefficiencies. With this integration, legal teams can access, view, and manage hold information directly within TeamConnect, streamlining the legal hold process and significantly reducing administrative time. By bridging the MMS and LHS, the connector facilitates enhanced compliance, reporting, and overall ease of use for legal professionals, ensuring that crucial data is centrally available without the need to switch between multiple platforms.

They have not only resolved issues; they have provided enhancement to make processes more efficient and issue-free.

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Streamlining Legal Holds and Matter Management.

All-in-One Platform

Access legal hold information from Legal Hold Pro directly alongside the related matter in TeamConnect, allowing for intuitive case tracking without needing to toggle between systems.

Efficient Case Management

Create legal holds directly from the TeamConnect interface. This one-step process not only ensures time efficiency but also minimizes human errors.

Enhanced Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports about matter status, hold information, and more without needing to switch platforms, ensuring clarity and accuracy in insights.

Experience this Proven Success.

InfiniGlobe – Zapproved™ - TeamConnect™ Integration - Cover page of a case study titled 'Integrating Zapproved Legal Hold Pro™ and Mitratech TeamConnect™'. Subtitle reads 'Bridging the Gap Between Legal Holds and Matter Management Systems' accompanied by 'A Guide for Corporate Legal Teams'. Watermarked InfiniGlobe logos can be seen at the bottom.

The integration of Zapproved™ and TeamConnect™ isn't just theoretical; it's already changing the game. A legal department of a Fortune 500 utility company is challenged with inefficiencies when its Matter Management and Legal Hold do not communicate. Download our case study and learn how we successfully solved this problem. 

InfiniGlobe is a technology partner with Mitratech and worked with Exterro to build the secure TeamConnect and Legal Hold Pro connector.  Whether you have one system, the other, or both — and are interested in upgrading your technology, you can consider the integration already taken care of. 

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