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Custom Development and Integrations

Solutions for Seamless Operations

Businesses often find themselves juggling multiple platforms, each with its own set of features and functionalities. At InfiniGlobe, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. Our Custom Integration service is dedicated to bridging the gaps between these platforms, tailoring solutions that streamline operations and adapt to your unique business needs.

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Our Services:

Hassle-free data conversion service for efficient business growth and system integration.

Data Conversion

Streamlining Your Data Transitions

We understand the value of your data—it's an asset we treat with precision and care as if it were our own. As your business grows and evolves, we're here to streamline transitions, ensuring seamless integration of data into and from your TeamConnect.


Our approach goes beyond just moving your data between systems; we prepare field-by-field mappings and thoroughly analyze data, pinpointing any cleanup issues. With our automated tools, we not only expedite the conversion process but also ensure that testing and cleanup are efficiently managed. With InfiniGlobe by your side, the complexity of data conversion becomes a hassle-free experience.

Thanks to InfiniGlobe’s support we were able to complete the conversion of the legal hold data project successfully.

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Streamlined enterprise system integration solutions for DMS, MMS, AP systems efficiency.

System Integration

Unifying Your Enterprise Solutions

When you introduce or update enterprise systems and software, seamless integration is crucial. We excel at ensuring your new solutions mesh flawlessly with your existing system. With hands-on expertise in leading corporate enterprise platforms such as DMS, MMS, and AP systems, our experts provide smooth, efficient, and coherent integrations, paving the way for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

InfiniGlobe is a thought-leader and has a confident, creative team that is both responsive and industry-leading in terms of matter management development and support.

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Advanced reporting tools for actionable business insights and data precision.
Turning Data into Actionable Insights

As your business grows and its intricacies unfold, we stand ready to adapt and enhance your reporting capabilities. Leveraging technologies like Business Objects, TCBI, Tableau, and PowerBI, we meticulously design and refine universes and reports to suit your specific needs. Beyond just report creation, we also fine-tune your data warehouse to ensure data accuracy and efficiency.


By partnering with us, you're investing in timely, relevant insights that empower decision-making, all while saving time and resources.

We continue to work with InfiniGlobe, beyond the upgrade.

InfiniGlobe Testimonials

Our Expertise in Action.

Decades of experience have sharpened our ability to craft custom rules, screens, tools, and workflows. No challenge is too intricate for us. We tackle complexities, ensuring your systems work in harmony.


Initiating and defining project scope.

Project Planning

Detailing project needs and architecture.

Requirement, Specification, and Technology Architecture Definition

Analyzing requirements and prototyping solutions.

Requirement Analysis, Solution Design and Prototyping

Configuring, coding, and testing system functionalities.

System Configuration, Development, and Testing

Rolling out production, converting data, and user training.

Production Rollout, Data Conversion, and Training

Implementing a new system isn't just about steps—it requires understanding and flexibility. Our hybrid methodology embraces your corporate culture, reducing surprises and boosting user satisfaction.

Maximize Your Technology Investment
With our Custom Solutions.

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NetDocuments - TeamConnect Connector

Bridge your legal management and document systems with this integration, achieving seamless navigation, enhanced security, and streamlined workflows.

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Zapproved - TeamConnect Connector

Automate your MMS and Legal Hold Systems synchronization, centralize data access, and streamline your compliance and reporting with ease.

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Exterro - TeamConnect Connector

Streamline your Legal GRC challenges, optimize processes, and bolster risk management effectively with our innovative, integrated tools.

Reach Out For Help With Your Next Project.

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