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NetDocuments - TeamConnectIntegration

Seamless Integration for DMS and MMS Systems.
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Introducing the NetDocuments - TeamConnect Connector an out-of-the-box integration for your Enterprise Legal Management and Document Management System. Designed to bridge the gap between the two platforms. Through this integration, legal professionals can effortlessly navigate between systems without redundancy, promoting a streamlined user experience and optimal document and workflow management. InfiniGlobe ensures robust security and heightened usability, enabling law departments to effectively get the benefits of advanced technology. 

They are consistently able to deliver on time and on budget while bringing the right expertise to bear whenever needed.

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Your Seamless Bridge to Streamlined Matter Management and Document Workflow.

In Sync, In Real-Time

Users no longer have to wait and do manual syncing. With real-time interfaces, both systems operate hand in hand, ensuring instant access and updates.

Enhanced User Experience

Spend less time waiting and more time accomplishing. Our intuitive interface offers smooth operations, ensuring users gain immediate access to crucial updates without the repetitive manual syncing.

Advanced Security & Access Control

Prioritize security with advanced access controls integrated into the interface. Ensure that confidential matters remain confidential, with access restricted only to approved users.

Experience this Proven Success.

A case study titled 'Top US Bank Upgrades Its Document Management System' with a subtitle 'Maximizing Legal Department Technologies: NetDocuments™ - TeamConnect™ Integration'. Below is a tagline 'A Guide for Corporate Legal Departments' and watermarked logos of InfiniGlobe at the bottom.

Faced with an outdated document management system, a leading Top 10 US bank turned to NetDocuments™, only to confront integration challenges with their existing ELM, Mitratech TeamConnect™. Through InfiniGlobe's expertise, a seamless solution emerged. Download the case study and discover why seamless integration was the remedy for technology upgrade inefficiencies.

As a technology partner with both Mitratech and NetDocuments, we offer an out-of-the-box integration connector for both systems. Whether you have one system, the other, or both - and are interested in upgrading your technology, you can consider the integration already taken care of. 

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