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Legal Professional Services and Products for Onit

In today's fast-paced corporate environment, businesses grapple with the complexities of legal management. Onit shines as a beacon in this space, offering AI-driven solutions for everything from matter management to vendor relations. But, why just adapt when you can excel? Together with InfiniGlobe, we turn Onit's prowess into your success, transforming legal departments from mere business protectors to pivotal business catalysts.

As Onit's Certified Strategic Alliance Consultant, our partnership transcends traditional collaboration. We merge Onit's revolutionary solutions with our deep-rooted consultancy wisdom, aiming to equip businesses with the best tools for optimal outcomes.

What We Offer :

System Tune-Up services by InfiniGlobe for custom alignment with Onit, enhancing legal management processes.

System Tune-Up

As the business landscape shifts, regulations adapt, and organizational needs evolve, it's essential that Onit remains attuned to your current challenges. InfiniGlobe offers a tailored service to realign the platform with your current objectives. In our strategic alliance with Onit, we combine our expertise with their advanced technological solutions to consistently align Onit with your business requirements.

We undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your Onit setup, seeking feedback and input from your team on every element. This ensures that as your needs evolve, Onit evolves with you. Instead of just making updates, we aim to understand the bigger picture of your organization's goals, enabling Onit to become a crucial part of your business strategy.

Adaptive Refinement for Continuous Alignment

Their availability to walk with us through testing, even during non-business hours demonstrated a high level of urgency and commitment that is hard to find and extremely valuable.

InfiniGlobe Endorsements

Application Configuration

Crafting Onit to Your Unique Business Needs

We embrace the versatility of Onit's platform, unlocking and amplifying this versatility for you. Recognizing that every organization has its own distinct processes and intricacies, our approach is not just about implementing Onit; it's about sculpting it to mirror your business's exact needs.

By sitting down with you, and understanding your processes, forms, and data intricacies, we mold Onit into an extension of your operations. Whether it's adapting the UI, structuring fields, or optimizing categories, our configurations ensure that Onit's vast capabilities align seamlessly with your legal management needs. It's more than just set-up; it's about crafting a system that empowers your team to excel.

Custom Application Configuration for Onit, aligning legal process management with specific business requirements.

I recommend working with InfiniGlobe.  They made my job easier and working with the InfiniGlobe team helps make me look good to my boss.

InfiniGlobe Endorsements

Thanks to InfiniGlobe’s support we were able to complete the conversion of the legal hold data project successfully.

InfiniGlobe Endorsements

Data Conversion

Accuracy Today, Adaptability Tomorrow
Expert Data Conversion services ensuring up-to-date and accurate information in Onit systems for legal operations.

Onit's dynamic nature means that it's continually adapting. Our team ensures smooth data integrations by preemptively tackling compatibility challenges, fine-tuning attribute correspondences, and directing the specific operations unique to Onit migrations. Our proficiency guarantees data integrity, ensuring that your Onit system functions with the most pertinent and up-to-date information as its foundation.

Iterative Agile Process.

At InfiniGlobe, we prioritize your perspective and believe in continuously adapting and improving. Our commitment to the Iterative Agile Process ensures that you're always informed about your project's progress while our services and solutions evolve in tandem with your needs. Here's how we make it happen:

As your needs change, so do our strategies. We understand that business dynamics can shift, and our agile approach ensures we're always in step with those changes.


With regular checkpoints and reviews, we ensure that our strategies are in alignment with your objectives. We actively seek and incorporate your insights, refining our work to match your expectations. This not only keeps the project on track but also allows for timely adjustments.


Collaboration is at the heart of the agile process. By engaging stakeholders throughout the project, we ensure that all perspectives are considered, leading to well rounded solutions.


Our iterative approach ensures that you see regular, tangible results. Instead of waiting for the final product, you'll witness incremental improvements, ensuring you're always in the loop and confident in the direction we're headed.

Maximize Your Technology Investment with
Counself RFP™ - Onit Integration.

InfiniGlobe - Onit Services - Logo of Counself RFP™ - Onit Integration.

Streamline RFP processes and vendor management with the Counself RFP™ - Onit™ Integration, an advanced solution made for corporate law departments. By blending Counself's sophisticated RFP strategies with Onit's innovative legal workflows, we deliver an integration that sharpens precision and increases productivity. Our role as Onit's Certified Strategic Alliance Consultant guarantees a blend of cutting-edge technology and deep consultancy expertise, enhancing your legal operations with efficiency and insightful control from the get-go.

Reach Out For Help With Your Next Project.

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