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Counself RFP - Onit 

Bridging RFP Strategy with Legal Process Innovation

Maximize Your Technology Investments.

Introducing the Counself RPF™ - Onit™ Integration, a leap forward in simplifying legal operations for corporate law departments. This integration bridges the gap between the sophisticated RFP management of Counself and the comprehensive legal workflow capabilities of Onit. Legal departments now have a seamless, unified platform to manage vendor relationships and optimize RFP processes, traditionally fraught with complexity and inefficiency.

Empowering users to initiate, track, and manage RFPs directly within Onit, this integration delivers a level of precision and control previously unattainable. It ushers in a new era where critical data flows effortlessly between systems, ensuring decisions are informed by the most relevant and up-to-date information. By abolishing manual data entry and fostering a centralized information ecosystem, the Counself - Onit Integration not only escalates productivity but also enforces fiscal discipline, cementing its role as an essential asset for modern corporate law departments striving for innovation and excellence.


As Onit's Certified Strategic Alliance Consultant, our partnership transcends traditional collaboration. We merge Onit's revolutionary solutions with our deep-rooted consultancy wisdom, aiming to equip businesses with the best tools for optimal outcomes.

Simplify Vendor Management and Optimize
RFP Processes within Onit.

Automatic Syncing

Say goodbye to manual entries and batch processes. The connector ensures real-time data transfer between Counself RFP and Onit.

One-Click Actions

Initiate RFP or update matter information right from your Onit screen.

Centralized Monitoring

View, track, and monitor the status of RFPs without toggling between systems.

Enhancing Legal Operations with Smart Integration for Unmatched Control and Insight.

As an Onit strategic technology ally, we present a seamless integration solution that marries the comprehensive functionalities of Counself RFP with the dynamic Onit ecosystem. No matter if you’re newly adopting or looking to amplify your current suite, rest assured that this integration is engineered to elevate your operation's synergy from day one.

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