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Looking for a turn-key solution meticulously crafted for today's corporate legal departments? In a landscape where precision, efficiency, and data privacy are non-negotiable, Counself RFP™ emerges as an easy-to-use platform that revolutionizes the Request for Proposal process. Beyond simplifying RFP creation and distribution, it is designed to optimize costs while preserving invaluable relationships with your firms. With an unwavering commitment to data privacy and a suite of tools to make informed decisions, Counself RFP™ is redefining how legal departments navigate their challenges on cost optimization.

Counself RFP platform interface, showcasing a climate change litigation request with proposals from multiple law firms, facilitating cost comparison and decision-making.

Prior to utilizing InfiniGlobe’s services, working with our legal technology solutions was frustrating and time consuming. InfiniGlobe has helped us resolve a number of critical issues, complex and debilitating production issues left over from a prior vendor.

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What We Offer :

A Turn-Key Solution

Seamless Usability and Rapid Onboarding

By placing a strong emphasis on user-centric design, Counself removes the often daunting learning curve linked with new platforms. Its intuitive interface is a testament to its dedication to user ease, making the RFP process a breeze. And with its no-code approach, even the least technically inclined can craft detailed RFPs within moments. 


What amplifies Counself's standing in the legal tech space is its commitment to rapid deployment and smooth onboarding. Legal departments can transition from sign-up to issuing RFPs in a mere 30 minutes. It's not just about speed; it's about effectiveness. Multi-platform notifications ensure every RFP garners attention, while its all-encompassing, turn-key approach eliminates the need for any external tools. Every feature in Counself is intricately woven with the singular goal of ensuring usability, making it an unparalleled asset in the RFP domain. Simply put, Counself epitomizes where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched simplicity.

: Key turn solution for RFP with rapid onboarding and deployment, streamlining legal operations at the push of a button for effective matter management and client engagement.

Cost Optimization

Addressing Financial Strains with Counself's Expertise 
Efficient financial management in legal departments, balancing cost and quality with Counself RFP’s advanced analytics for strategic decision-making and cost optimization.

The challenge for most legal departments is striking the right balance: ensuring quality while keeping costs in check. With Counself RFP, this balancing act is transformed into an intuitive process.

Equipped with advanced review tools and predictive analytics, the platform offers a depth of analysis previously unseen, ensuring that every decision made resonates with both fiscal prudence and the rigorous quality benchmarks of the legal world.

Central to Counself's unmatched prowess is its emphasis on informed decision-making. By harnessing centralized data systems and fostering enhanced communication channels, overheads are slashed and inefficiencies are eliminated. This transformation enables legal teams to pivot from mundane administrative tasks to critical strategic choices. With Counself, achieving the equilibrium between cost clarity and unparalleled legal service quality isn't a distant dream—it's an everyday reality.

Counself RFP's process reinforces trusted legal partnerships, ensuring long-term collaboration and strategic growth without compromising relationship foundations.

Trust and Relationships

Building Bridges, Not Walls, in Legal Partnerships

In the high-stakes world of legal, trust is more than just a word—it's the bedrock of successful partnerships, cultivated over years of mutual collaboration and understanding. However, recent RFP solutions, with fancy bidding practices, present a short-sighted cost advantage that might imperil these cherished relationships. Counself recognizes the importance of these bonds and has intricately designed its RFP process to ensure they aren’t jeopardized. Clients benefit from streamlined communication, tailored advice, and predictable outcomes with their trusted firms.

While upholding these long-standing relationships, Counself uses RFPs as strategic tools, enabling companies to tap into uncharted legal jurisdictions and diversify their legal expertise. This ensures that businesses aren't just bound by tradition but are also equipped to explore new horizons without compromising the foundation of trust. With Counself, the balance between cherished relationships and fresh opportunities is effortlessly achieved.

Counself RFP ensures top-tier data security with end-to-end encryption and self-destructing documents, affirming a steadfast commitment to data privacy.

Data Privacy

Your Data Remains Yours, Always

Counself prides itself on being distinct from many RFP solutions that capitalize on client and firm data for analytics. Instead, Counself remains agnostic and refrains from any form of data collection, even for anonymous analytics. This unwavering commitment ensures that there's absolutely no risk of your data being used for unintended purposes.


Apart from being the only RPF solution with ISO certification, Counself has also fortified its platform with robust end-to-end encryption. This guarantees that every interaction is not only secured but also accessible only to the intended recipients. An added layer of assurance is provided by Counself's unique feature allowing firms to set expiry dates for their uploaded documents. After the set date, these documents self-destruct, ensuring that old and potentially sensitive data doesn't linger in the system, thus reinforcing our dedication to data security.

Pay As You Go
Counself RFP™ 'Pay As You Go' service feature, offering flexible and fair billing based on actual RFP usage for legal departments.

Pay As You Go

Fair Billing for Your Actual Use

Many legal departments navigate fluctuating demands for RFPs, making fixed subscription models a less than ideal fit. To address this, Counself RFP now offers a "Pay As You Go" service. Start with an initial account activation fee, then pay solely for the RFPs you issue—no more, no less.


This service is designed for those who manage a limited number of RFPs, providing a cost-effective alternative to annual subscription plans. It ensures that you're investing only in what you need, aligning with your actual usage. For detailed information on how "Pay As You Go" can benefit your specific needs and help manage your RFPs more effectively, please get in touch.


InfiniGlobe - Counself RFP - Logo representing ISO 27001 certification.

InfiniGlobe is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, ensuring robust information security across all its operations, from cloud computing to vendor management. This certification, granted by Schellman & Company—an ANAB and UKAS Accredited Body—covers aspects like asset management, human resources security, and application security. InfiniGlobe's dedication to data protection is paramount in every facet of its operation.

Encourage Vendors to Deliver More Value.



Why reinvent the wheel? Start from Counself's best-practice templates or craft from scratch, ensuring consistency. Seamlessly integrate with your MMS for auto-generated RFPs.  Track everything in one, integrated platform.


Communicate securely with your outside counsel and other vendors, as well as your team through encrypted messaging functionalities with delivery tracking, auditable document sharing, and more. Message directly on requests and responses - no more emailing back and forth.


Capture the precise data you need with custom questionnaires. Define terms, and set due dates, reminders, and expirations.


Decision-making made easy! Take advantage of Counself’s request review tools to compare proposals and responses side by side. Factor Counself Insight’s predictive analytics recommendations into your decision to find the best long-term fit at the best rate.


Keep all your data at your fingertips. Track with a searchable database of your outside counsel, vendors, and other legal service providers, all in one location.


Free yourself from manual records maintenance and use Counself for informed and actionable vendor management. 


Never miss a beat. The system autonomously manages timelines, sends notifications and reminders, and follows up on RFP due dates. Access centralized legal vendor data anytime with our mobile app. All updates sync across Counself's web and mobile platforms for real-time accuracy.

Counself's mobile app presents a streamlined interface for real-time legal vendor management, ensuring you stay informed on the go with automated alerts and updates.
Counself mobile app is available in App Store.
Counself mobile app is available in Google Play.

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A Workflow That’s Both Efficient and Effective.

We know from law firm users that helping them respond more efficiently with time-saving tools means more thorough and thoughtful responses to requests. So we built a best practice workflow to make collaboration between clients and vendors the easiest it can be.
Streamlined legal workflow diagram by InfiniGlobe, simplifying collaboration between clients and vendors for maximum efficiency and ease of communication within legal operations.

Ready to start saving on legal spend ?

We would be happy to show you what a difference Counself can make.
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