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RFPs Just Got Easier with Onit™ + Counself™: One Platform, All Your Needs.

Unified RFP management and workflow optimization with Onit and Counself integration.

February 29, 2024

InfiniGlobe introduces a pivotal upgrade for corporate law departments: the integration of Counself RFP™ with Onit™. This integration tackles the traditionally cumbersome vendor management and RFP (Request for Proposal) processes head-on, offering a unified platform that enhances efficiency and decision-making. 

Key issues addressed include the complexity and inefficiency inherent in managing RFPs and vendor relationships. Our solution integrates Counself's RFP management with Onit's legal workflow capabilities, enabling direct RFP initiation, tracking, and management within Onit. This eliminates manual data entry, ensures real-time data synchronization, and provides a streamlined, one-click RFP initiation and update process.

Counself RFP interface integrated within Onit for streamlined legal process management.

The result is a significant boost in productivity and fiscal discipline for corporate law departments, positioning this integration as a crucial tool for achieving operational excellence and innovation. 

See it in action:

Optimize Legal RFP Management 

Upgrade your legal operations with Counself RFP and Onit integration. Ideal for both new and existing users, it streamlines RFP and matter management for corporate law departments.  

As an Onit Certified Partner and Strategic Alliance Consultant, InfiniGlobe is committed to delivering excellence. Contact or call (833) LGL-TECH for details or a demo. 


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