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Introducing Counself Companion Mobile App for iOS

Seamless legal management at your fingertips with Counself's mobile app.

May 26, 2020

Counself offers clients a powerful cloud-based end-to-end RFx and legal vendor management platform, and we're especially excited to announce that we're extending your access to it with the Counself companion mobile app! It's live on the iOS App Store, it's accessible from anywhere, and it's going to make keeping track of Requests and following up on Responses easier than ever.

We wanted to make managing your Requests and keeping up with deadlines and events as simple as possible. This new native mobile app will bring statues, tasks, and more together in a user-friendly way at your convenience. It’s simple, intuitive, well crafted, and ready to help you do the following:

Key Features for Legal Departments and Legal Operations Teams:

  • Current and centralized Legal Vendor data, accessible anytime & anywhere

  • Quick-Glance Dashboard of Request, Responses, and Tasks

  • Statuses of RFP/RFI/RFQ and their Responses

Key Features for Law Firms and Legal Vendors:

  • Actionable Response Dashboard

  • Notifications and reminders to mitigate missed deadlines

  • View team progress on Responses

Of course, all of these changes sync across the Counself platform, web, and mobile, so you can rest assured the information you’re viewing is always up to date.

To get started, download the app to your iPhone or iPad and sign in with your Counself account. If you are a Legal Service Provider and need to register for a new account, you can do that here first.

We’re excited to launch the iPhone app, but this is just the start; we’d love to hear your feedback and we plan to roll out more features as they become available.


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