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Case Study: Easing The Pain of Subpoena Tracking and Management

Streamlining subpoena management in a Fortune 500 company with InfiniGlobe's automation for enhanced efficiency and communication.

August 2, 2021

Modern corporate legal departments receive an abundant workload each day. One of the most labor-intensive tasks they face is responding to subpoena requests. They have to juggle completing, tracking and communicating with other departments with the pressure of serious consequences if the subpoena request is not accomplished within the deadline.

Our case study explores a Fortune 500 company that uses the TeamConnect SOP Manager to manually monitor and fulfill their subpoena requests, but as time passes the challenges in communications are taking their toll. As the InfiniGlobe team assessed the situation and listen to their needs, our team that the best course of action is automation.

Does this situation mirror yours? Download our Case Study and get a full insight on how our solution to streamline their process resulted in a happier legal department.

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