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Whitepaper: A Leader's Guide in Protecting Data and Reputation

Announcement of 'A Leader's Guide in Protecting Data and Reputation' whitepaper.

June 11, 2023

The legal industry deals with a huge amount of sensitive and valuable data which makes them susceptible to cybercriminals. In the past few years, this has become more evident with the outbreaks of cyberattacks through the increased cases of ransomware and malware. A great responsibility now lies to corporate legal officers to protect their organizations.

What are the takeaways from downloading this whitepaper?

  • Learn to effectively manage third-party risks

  • Know the step by step by step process to protect your sensitive data.

  • A case study about how Counself can increase efficiency and collaboration.

For more information, reach out to us at or (833) LGL-TECH.


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