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IG Volume Discount AFA

Volume Discount Automation for TeamConnect™

In the intricate world of billing, ensuring you gain the full advantage of your Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFA) can be challenging. The IG Volume Discount AFA streamlines this process, ensuring that organizations not only benefit from cost savings but also achieve unmatched billing accuracy and transparency.

Features that Transform Your Workflow.

Discount Calculation

No more manual calculations that are prone to errors. The tool's system ensures that the correct discount, based on your agreed AFA, is automatically applied to every invoice.

Volume Tracker

Gain a comprehensive overview of your service/product procurement volume. The system adjusts discount rates in real-time, ensuring you're always benefiting from the best rates available.


Integrate effortlessly with your existing eBilling system. With this synergy, apply volume discounts during the billing process seamlessly, making sure you're always billed the right amount.

Who Will Benefit Most:

Legal Operations Teams

Beyond just managing, you'll have the power to optimize. With IG Volume Discount AFA™, maintain a detailed and efficient oversight of volume discounts, leading to substantial financial savings and fostering informed decision-making.

Legal operations teams optimizing financial savings and decision-making with IG Volume Discount AFA™ for efficient volume discount oversight.
TeamConnect users enhancing billing efficiency with IG Volume Discount AFA™ for faster, error-free volume discount calculations.

TeamConnect Users

Make your billing process easier and faster. Our tool gets rid of manual calculations related to volume discounts. This means fewer errors, quick identification of any issues, and a smoother billing process overall.

Reporting Teams

Keep your financial records clear and accurate. With our system's automatic checks for volume discounts, you can be sure of precise calculations every time. This clear approach to billing not only ensures compliance but also builds trust within the organization.

Reporting teams securing accurate financial records with automated volume discount verification by IG Volume Discount AFA™ for billing precision.

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