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Legal Tech News and Events: November 14, 2022

Google settles state location-tracking probe and optimism in small law firms' future.

November 14, 2022

Regulation: Google To Pay nearly $400 Million To Settle State Location-Tracking Probe

Google has agreed to pay the settlement amounting to $391.5 million to resolve the investigation following the complaints from 40 states about the company’s location-tracking practices.

In 2018, an Associated Press published an article that uncovered that regardless if users turn off “Location History” in settings, Google will still track its users' whereabouts. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson led negotiations in what states officials call one of the largest privacy settlements in US history.

In addition to the payment, the tech giant is also required to disclose to its consumers that they are being tracked and clear information about Google's location-tracking data on a special web page.

Report: The State of Small Law Firms

The pandemic added a different kind of ordeal for the legal industry to enable business resilience. Most organizations have shifted to virtual operations to adapt to the changes. In spite of the dire situation everyone has experienced for the past few years, the report from Thomson Reuters showed that small law firms still look at the future positively.

The Report on the State of US Small Law Firms provides an update on the current state of the industry through the lens of small firms. Below are the highlights:

  • 80% said that spending too much time on administrative tasks provided a moderate challenge.

  • 56% of average small law firm attorney spends their time practicing law.

  • 92% of larger small firms believe that identifying cost controls is a moderate or significant challenge.

  • 82% of respondents are not taking action with their administrative problems while 74% do not address their business development problem despite it topping the list of challenges small law firms face.

  • 67% answered that a price increase will likely or probably happen over the next year.

  • 97% responded that they are either planning to increase or retain their technology investment over the year.

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