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Hear From the Experts: Empowering Legal Decision-Making Using Data Analytics with Richard Robinson

Expert insight on data analytics for legal operations with Richard Robinson.

March 6, 2024

Our latest Hear From the Experts features Richard Robinson, Director of Legal Operations and Litigation Support at Toyota Motor North America. Richard's journey through the fields of IT, litigation support, and legal operations across various prestigious firms and organizations culminates in his current role at Toyota. His extensive background is distinguished by his active involvement in founding eDiscovery and ACEDS chapters in Dallas, as well as his contribution to the Education Advisory Committee for CLOC. A renowned speaker at eDiscovery and legal operations conferences, Richard's insights are invaluable to anyone looking to navigate the complex landscape of legal tech and operations.

During our interview with Richard, he unpacks the transformative power of metrics and KPIs in areas like contract lifecycle management. His approach of treating the legal department "more like a business than a law firm" offers clear direction for legal operations professionals looking to boost efficiency and effectiveness. He candidly addresses the challenges of data proliferation, dirty data, and the quest for meaningful insights, offering practical advice on navigating these challenges through active listening, technology adoption, and data transformation.

For a complete exploration of Richard’s methodology and insights, view the full interview here.

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