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Hear From the Experts: Driving Transformation with Strategic KPIs: Scott Collister

April 23, 2024

We are thrilled to have Scott Collister for Hear From the Experts, Vice President at ARCHER Systems, LLC. Scott is no stranger to the intersection of legal technology and operational efficiency. With a rich background in eDiscovery, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), he's mastered the art of leveraging tech to drive service delivery and client satisfaction to new heights. Scott’s strategic vision and innovative solutions are not just about navigating the present; they're about shaping the future of legal operations.

His interview includes the transformative impact of KPIs in the legal field, drawing from his firsthand experiences to highlight their indispensability. Scott shares a real-life example from the mass tort world, explaining how introducing specific KPIs drastically improved client satisfaction and made their operations run smoother. But it's not all smooth sailing as he also talks about the hurdles of picking the right KPIs that truly matter to the business.

Check out the full interview here to get Scott Collister’s full insights.

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