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From Data to Strategy: Introducing the Legal Operations KPIs Workshop

The Legal Operations KPIs Workshop - Where Metrics and Strategy Converge

April 11, 2024

Are you set to transform your legal department's approach to data? We're thrilled to launch the Legal Operations KPIs Workshop, designed specifically for legal professionals seeking a tangible understanding of metrics for overall operational excellence. Tailored to your unique challenges, this workshop provides practical training, moving beyond theory to the real-world application of KPIs. Whether you're guiding your team or actively managing day-to-day operations, our workshop is designed to provide you with the essential strategies for success.

"Getting REALLY hyped on legal ops KPIs at today's Legal Operators conference! It's been a great day learning." -Director of Global Legal Operations, John Deere

Why Attend the Workshop?

  • Identify priority KPIs

  • Assess organizational readiness in core areas to define KPI strategy

  • Optimize your time and resources

  • Evaluate and enhance the ROI of your KPIs

  • Improve communications with management

Who’s It For?

  • Legal Ops Managers and Directors - Align with executives and make a lasting KPI strategy.

  • Legal Ops Staff - Connect daily tasks to your department's goals through smart KPIs.

  • Legal Department Team Leads and Managers - Define clear goals that drive team success.

  • Data Analysts and BI Specialists - Elevate data with visuals that simplify and engage.

  • Liaisons from Other Departments - Integrate legal KPIs with company-wide objectives for stronger collaboration.

Meet the Organizer

Mori Kabiri, founder of InfiniGlobe, will bring his 20+ experience developing legal technologies including ELM, eBilling, and legal RFP platforms, and has offered management consulting services to C-suite executives across Fortune 500 companies. He’s known for his practical approach to legal tech and has a knack for making complex ideas easy to use in your daily work. Join him to get straightforward advice that you can put into action right away.

Visit to explore the power of KPIs for your team or contact us to bring our workshop directly to your legal department or conference event. We're committed to helping you achieve operational excellence with customized KPI strategies.

InfiniGlobe, your partner in legal innovation, leverages over 20 years of consultancy experience across diverse industries to drive excellence in legal operations. Reach out to transform your practice, contact us at or (833) LGL-TECH.


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