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Hear From the Experts: The Role of Data in the Evolving Legal Operations with Mike Russell

Mike Russell, a seasoned expert in legal operations at Expedia Group, discusses the evolution of legal departments' approach to data post-financial crisis and the strategic use of analytics in legal services.

May 3, 2024

Hear From the Experts features Mike Russell the Head of Global Legal Operations at Expedia Group. He is at the forefront of transforming legal operations. With a career spanning over three decades, Mike has played a major role in integrating technology and data analytics into legal services. His strategic focus on data post-financial crisis has helped reshape how legal departments manage risk and drive efficiency.

In our latest interview, Mike explores the strategic use of data in legal operations. He discusses how data became essential during the financial crisis when legal departments urgently needed to optimize spend and manage workloads more efficiently. He also emphasizes the transformation in legal services, from reactive data use to proactive strategic management, illustrating this shift with examples like the implementation of visual analytics tools that enhance decision-making. His practical advice on using data to justify legal headcount and optimize resource allocation is especially valuable.

"When you can make it visual, that's when it gets really interesting. It's then you can really see a story starting to come through."

To discover more of Mike's practical strategies for leveraging data in your legal operations, watch the full interview here.

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