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Hear From the Experts: Bridging Business and Legal With Cash Butler

March 28, 2024

Hear From the Experts proudly features Cash Butler, the powerhouse behind R3 - Legal Operations Consulting and the brains of ClariLegal. With over 25 years under his belt in the fast-paced worlds of finance and legal, Cash is a game changer. His approach is straightforward yet revolutionary, focusing on making legal departments more effective and aligned with their business's core goals. Cash’s secret weapon? A framework he dubs AMMPPT (Align, Measure, Manage, People, Process, and Technology), which is all about getting the legal side of things to march in lockstep with the rest of the business.

Cash talks about the critical alignment of legal departments with business operations, emphasizing the synergy between legal and sales for boosting efficiency and growth. He demystifies KPIs, advocating for clear, impactful metrics that resonate across departments and directly contribute to the company’s success. It’s all about turning strategy into action, making legal operations a huge part of the business engine.

Catch the full interview here for his expert take on making legal operations a central piece of business success. It’s a must-watch for anyone looking to bridge the gap between legal expertise and business achievement.

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