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Forbes: SaaS The Savior

Embracing the horizon of cloud innovation for business agility and continuity.

December 16, 2020

2020 took us by surprise. In less than 6 months, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we work, interact, and achieve success. Smart companies read the room and stayed flexible, adopting the necessary changes to stay buoyant, regardless of the storm. What made transitioning simple for them was their early decision to migrate to SaaS solutions for their in-house tools.

Our CEO, Mori Kabiri, recently wrote a piece on how SaaS made it viable for companies to continue their business and stay resilient to rapidly changing circumstances. He explains:

“I believe what smart companies have done has been to switch to cloud computing and SaaS solutions. What made transitioning employees to WFM so feasible is SaaS scalability. This gives companies with data and critical tools hosted on the cloud a head start, so they can continue to be fast and agile regardless of changing circumstances.”

How did smart executives spot the benefits of SaaS technologies and how do they choose the best SaaS solution for their business? If you are still on the fence or are currently on the hunt for a solution, check out the rest of the article, and Mori's advice, here.


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