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What I Learned from The New Zealand Tea Tree on Blossoming DEI

This Tea Tree Taught me the Meaning of DEI

January 16, 2024

Blooming Diversity in the Legal Industry

From August 2021, attorneys who identify with diverse ethnic backgrounds—including Hispanic/Latino, African American/Black, Asian American, Native American or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and those of two or more races—constitute 18.1% of all attorneys and 9.7% of equity partners in U.S. law firms. Despite a rise in these figures since their initial tracking, the progress remains "incremental". This is in sharp contrast to the more than 20% of law school seats these groups have filled for over two decades, which suggests a systemic gap in cultivating diverse legal careers. The disparity between the diversity of law students and those who advance in the profession underscores a critical issue: a lack of varied and accessible paths to success within the legal industry.

Addressing this disparity is where the principles of DEI become essential. They serve as the bedrock for strategies that can bridge the gap between a diverse student body and a homogenous workplace. Similar to the way biodiversity in a garden contributes to ecological health and resilience. The tree's unique beauty, a distinct divergence from its arboreal peers, mirrors the enrichment that diversity brings to our daily lives and professional environments. It is evident in the way fusion cuisine merges different culinary traditions to create exceptional flavors, and how an orchestra’s blend of instruments comes together to create a sound greater than its parts. These examples serve as a blueprint for how diversity, when embraced, can strengthen and invigorate our workplaces, much like the varied species in an ecosystem that each plays a role in maintaining its health.

DEI: The Garden of Growth

The narrative of innovation is replete with individuals who have used their diverse origins to leave an indelible impact. The legacies of Steve Jobs, with his Syrian lineage, Elon Musk’s South African roots, and Ilya Sutskever’s Russian heritage illustrate how diverse backgrounds contribute to global progress. Much like a garden flourishes from a diversity of flora, each requiring specific care, so does a workplace flourish when it cultivates the varied skills of its people, ensuring equitable support and celebrating the inclusion of every individual in the collective success.

Perhaps the New Zealand Tea Tree defines DEI in this way:

Allowing Diversity to bring a spectrum of colors, thoughts, and abilities; honoring Equity to ensure each bloom can flourish by receiving the right support and opportunities; and at the end celebrating Inclusion by ensuring every bloom is part of the beautiful tapestry we create together.

Now is the time to nurture the seeds of DEI within the legal industry and our broader communities, ensuring that every individual has the sunlight, water, and soil needed to grow. By committing to these principles, we can cultivate a garden of growth and foster a world where every person can flourish, contributing to a collective success that is as diverse and vibrant as nature itself.

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