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Press Release: InfiniGlobe’s Research Paper on Using AI in Legal Invoice Review

InfiniGlobe Research Lab publishes groundbreaking AI research for legal invoice anomaly detection, enhancing Legal Ops efficiency.

May 5, 2022

NEWPORT BEACH, CA- InfiniGlobe Research Lab, a division of InfiniGlobe, has published “Detecting Anomalous Invoice Line Items in the Legal Case Lifecycle” (rev. 2021), a research on how Machine Learning models can be trained on historical and synthetic invoice data for detecting anomalous invoice line-items.

The corporate legal industry processes billions of dollars invoices every year. Most legal invoices contain hundreds of line-items with detailed information. The opportunity for undetected discrepancies and the cost of the review is exponentially greater than in other industries, making this research particularly interesting to Legal Ops teams.

Beyond its applied impact, this published research is a first peek into the opportunities that can reveal themselves when applying legal business data to leading machine learning models.

The full presentation at the 2021 Industrial Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) by Co-authors Mori Kabiri, InfiniGlobe CEO and Valentino Constantinou can be viewed here, and the open access is available here.

View the official press release here.


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