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Legal Tech News and Events: May 16, 2022

NJ law firm sues bank over fraud, and Compliance Week 2022 set to address key compliance challenges in the legal industry.

May 16, 2022

NJ-based Law Firm sued Bank

Sapiro Gottlieb & Kroll, a New Jersey-based law firm has filed a state lawsuit against TD Bank N.A. after it allegedly stole $200,000 from the firm’s attorney. According to the suit, a username and password were set up by the fraudsters that enabled them to snag $202,660 between July 6 and July 15, 2021. The firm’s partner, Lawrence Kroll, noticed the anomalies while checking the account status online and not until then did the law firm know what had happened.

The law firm has sought reimbursements however, they were left disappointed as the bank has rejected their request. This action has resulted in a pushback as Sapiro Gottlieb & Kroll claim that the incident is a breach of “contractual obligations”.

Event This Week: Compliance Week 2022

Coming this week is the industry’s premier event, Compliance Week 2022. Every year, senior risk and compliance professionals, federal regulators, and influential leaders get together in Washington D.C. From May 16-18, 2022, attendees are sure to learn more about data privacy, compliance analytics and technology, the role of compliance officers, and the hybrid workplace. Keynote speakers include US SEC Commissioner Allison Herren Lee, US SEC Commissioner Allison Herren Lee, and Assistant Attorney General Kennet Polite Jr.

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