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Legal Tech News and Events: August 8, 2022

New York mandates cybersecurity training for attorneys, and LegalVIEW Insights reports on corporate legal provider trends.

Cybersecurity: New York Becomes First State to Require Cybersecurity Training for Attorneys

The State of New York, the first in the U.S., now requires attorneys to take a one-hour of continuing legal education (CLE) under the new category, "Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Protection. The mandatory training will count toward the 32-hour CLE requirement for new lawyers in their first two years after admission to the bar. Other lawyers, can apply for the credit on their 24-hour biennial CLE requirement.

Under the new requirement, attorneys need to complete one CLE credit, which has two parts:

  • Ethics- Ethical obligations on the protection of electronic data and communication.

  • General – Technological aspect of protecting client and law office communications and applicable laws relating to cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection.

The adoption was on June 10, 2022, and this will take effect starting on July 1, 2023.

Report: Corporate Legal Provider Counts Remain Low

LegalVIEW Insights Volume 1 from Wolters Kluwer reports that corporate legal departments, regardless of size, have still been seriously impacted by the effects of the pandemic on the economy. The number of actively used law firms and service providers is continuously low and has not yet recovered.

Below are the highlights of their research:

  • Law firms that are part of AM Law 150-200 have the most clients that went on hiatus.

  • Law departments that are part of large companies with more than $20 billion in revenue have expanded their use of outside vendors with an average of 451 vendors last year.

  • In 2020, market share growth was experienced by big law firms, but smaller firms lost their market share.

  • Alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) continuously increase their market share.

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