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Legal Tech News and Events: August 15, 2022

Advanced hit by ransomware impacting critical services, and Google fined $60M by Australian court over privacy breaches.

Cybersecurity: Software Company Affected by Ransomware Attack

On August 4, the business software and services provider, Advanced announced a disruption on their system. Authorities later acknowledged that the cybersecurity threat was a result of a ransomware attack.

There were five systems mainly affected which include Adastra (111 call handlers and GP records), Caresys (care homes), Staffplan (care organizations), Odyssey (clinical decision making), CareNotes (mental health trust patient records), and eFinancials (a public sector financial management system.)

According to the threat intelligence provided to the company, UK authorities and expert advisors classified what happened as purely financially motivated. To this date, the results of the investigation have not identified whether sensitive data is at risk but more information about potential data access will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Privacy: Google Fined $60 Million for Misleading Android Users

Google has agreed to pay a $60 million fine after a court ruling by the Australian federal court. Last year, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) accused the tech company of misleading 1.3 million Google accounts by collecting and usage of their personal location data.

The case revolved around the ‘Location History’ setting which is available for Android users and was represented as the only setting responsible for collecting user data. However, it was found out that another account setting, ‘Web and App Activity, has the same function and was automatically turned on which was already fixed in 2018.

Google fixed this in 2018 and said that has instilled a policy that their apps now have to request approval for tracking background location for it to be available on the Play Store.

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