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Is Your Attorney a Digital Shark or Digital Prey? (Forbes)

Vigilance and predatory precision in digital security for the legal profession.

January 13, 2020

Last month, CEO Mori Kabiri wrote a Council Post for Forbes about the changing stereotypes surrounding lawyers, particularly corporate legal departments and their outside counsel, as they adopt and adjust to new legal technologies.

Much like the successful lawyers we see on TV, out on the prowl for documents and witnesses, with a taste for blood and fear of nothing but failure, you want your attorney to have the same zealous lust for information security when he sends you files or accepts e-discovery. If he's a killer in the courtroom, but ignorant in the inbox, he's as big a threat to himself as he is to his opposing counsel. After all, what good is a shark out of water?

Mori shares:

“Corporate legal departments, more than any other business, bank on their outside counsel to not only protect them, but also to progress them: to be proactive, explore opportunities and help expand the business...I've seen firsthand the importance of leaders taking the initiative to see if their outside counsel is putting their company at risk for a cybersecurity breach. The first step is understanding why law firms are at risk and how your counsel could turn into digital prey.”

In the rest of his piece, Mori defines Digital Sharks vs Digital Prey and talks about who's preying on Law Firms. Check out the full article here.


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