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Information Governance: Legal’s Next Puzzle Piece on Data Security

Implementing Information Governance in law firms and legal departments for enhanced data security and compliance.

November 11, 2021

Gone are the days when remote working is an unconventional way for law firms and legal departments to do their tasks. The rapid transition from the traditional working environment has tested companies' business continuity plans ensuring data protection while staying productive. One of the wiser ways for law firms and legal departments can achieve this is through Information Governance but what is it?

Information Governance as defined by the Information Governance Initiative is “the activities and technologies that organizations employ to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and costs.” This is composed of several factors like policies and procedures to effectively manage information and mitigate risk at the enterprise level.

Information Governance for Law Firms and Legal Departments

When making an effective IG plan the first step to take is looking at the current risks and anticipating the future risks on a legal, regulatory, environmental as. This will help in being in line with the strategic and operational goals. Due to the legal industry having a nature of holding a substantial amount of sensitive data every day which can be a key thing to consider for the adoption of IG.

The growing popularity of using SaaS and other cloud solutions has swung the indecisiveness of more organizations in moving their data and other sources to the cloud. But with this technological investment comes the risk of cyberattacks thus having taking essential measures for a robust information governance strategy is a paramount step for law firms and legal departments.

Looking closely to the reasons why it is vital for the law firms and legal departments to have an Information Governance plan:

  • They hold, manage, and destroy information according to specific guidelines and they need to comply at a state, federal, and international level.

  • Clients are more conscious and keener on looking at compliance for privacy and information security. This is justified as these are highly sensitive information that has the risk to be exposed.

  • A rising number of law firms are being a target of sophisticated security breaches.

  • Using a strong IG plan on creating the strategy and growth can be advantageous to the organization like reducing risk and cost-effectiveness.

Implementing reliable information governance and processes lets today’s companies expand without their increased risk.

When it Comes to Legal Compliance… We Got You Covered

With Information Governance solving your data overload problem, ensure legal compliance with Counself! We always put information security on top of our priority so our clients focus on what they do best. Counself host your data in a highly secure private cloud hosted by Microsoft Azure, ensure encryption in transit, and at rest compliant with International Security Standards.

Learn more about Counself here and how we handle security here.

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