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InfiniGlobe is Sponsoring Mitratech Interact US 2020!

The image displays a modern office.  A slogan in bold letters reads, "BE OUR GUEST, TRY OUR SOLUTIONS." At the bottom, there's a mention of "Our Exclusive Offers for Clients Attending Mitratech Interact US 2020."

September 15, 2020

InfiniGlobe is proud to again officially sponsor this year's Mitratech Interact US 2020 conference. As a celebration of this year's virtual conference, we have an exclusive offer for attendees, (check it out here). Extended offer available.

A promo for Mitratech Interact US 2020.

With a story that weaves as far back through Mitratech's own, InfiniGlobe LLC, a trusted and celebrated Mitratech Partner looks forward to Mitratech's first fully-virtual Interact summit, Interact 2020. With more access to more people across more places, this will be a great opportunity for industry thinkers to share and pick up best practices and plan for the future.

Reach out to InfiniGlobe anytime if you're interested in an upgrade, customizations, or you've been struggling with a pain point and are looking for just the right folks to come knead it out - easy.

For more information, contact us at or at+1 (833) LGL-TECH.

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