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Hear From the Experts: Harnessing Data for Legal Excellence with Mark A. Smolik

Mark A. Smolik's insights on data-driven legal operations, enhancing strategic legal operations..

February 28, 2024

We are proud to launch our Hear From the Experts series with an exclusive interview featuring Mark A. Smolik, Chief Legal Officer at DHL Supply Chain Americas. Mark brings to the table a wealth of experience in leading legal, compliance, and commercial contracts management teams. Before his current role at DHL, he shaped legal strategies at Safelite Autoglass and The Sherwin-Williams Company, contributing significantly to their success. His expertise is further recognized through his active participation on various boards and as a sought-after speaker and author in the legal industry.

In our engaging session with Mark during Legal Week 2024, he shared his approach to identifying and implementing KPIs that genuinely impact legal operations. He emphasized the critical need for legal departments to align their metrics with the business's goals, a strategy he has applied throughout his career. He shared practical insights on overcoming common hurdles in establishing a data-driven culture within legal teams. Highlighting stories from his own experiences, Mark's perspective provides a practical blueprint for legal departments aiming to leverage data for strategic advantage.

Catch the full interview for a deeper dive into Mark's thoughts and strategies here.

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