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Forbes: Technology Trends That Are Shaping The Legal Industry’s Future

Embracing technological innovation in the legal industry for enhanced efficiency and client satisfaction.

May 5, 2021

The legal industry has been evolving, subject to disruption in recent years, weighed by the changes in technology. The COVID-19 pandemic was a massive disruption as well, and the changing legal landscape can be overwhelming to traverse. As a veteran of legal tech, Mori Kabiri, InfiniGlobe CEO, provided some insights as to what he sees in the future for the legal industry, particularly regarding legal technology.

Even with the rapid technological changes, client expectations are unchanging. Clients expect their legal vendors to be skilled and technology equipped, but at the same time, the legal industry is slacking when it comes to maximizing the benefits of tech tools. Mori believes that the unfortunate circumstances the pandemic forced us into adapting to were the last piece for the whole industry to fully embrace technology. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Legal is no exception to change anymore, especially with the new generation of millennial lawyers entering the workforce.”

Once we're set in our ways, it is easy to give in and relax in our comfort zone. However, companies that stagnate fail, and everyone now has the unique opportunity to restart and plan ahead with fresh eyes and great hindsight. With global digital acceleration, it is hard to ignore that it will not affect the legal industry as well. As corporate law departments and law firms adapt to the trends of the past year, these changes will certainly continue to shape the future.

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