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CEO Advice: Simplifying the Due Diligence Process

Collective expertise driving the simplification of due diligence in legal operations.

September 1, 2020

Our CEO, Mori Kabiri, was again featured in a Forbes Council Post, with some advice after coming out of the trenches of both participating in responding to Due Diligence requests from IG clients and in requesting them from IG vendors, all while expanding and developing the Vendor Due Diligence and Risk Management modules of the Counself platform.

From someone who's seen it all, Mori suggests to make monitoring a habit:

“Due diligence doesn’t end when you’re given the go-ahead to procure, so the best way to simplify it for yourself and your vendor is by making monitoring a habit. Oversight should be woven into your regular activities..”

Performing Due Diligence on your law firms and vendors is a time-consuming job, creating and circulating Excel sheets, collecting documents, etc. We heard you and see the need for a simple to use tool for it. Counself Risk™ has been designed to assist law departments in streamlining this arduous and manual process, transforming vendor risk management with a secure, collaborative, and automated solution. For more information, contact us at or at+1 (833) LGL-TECH.


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