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Legal Operations KPIs

Supercharge Your Legal Operations with Data Analytics

book-title-removebg-preview.png is a focused community for Legal Operations professionals passionate about using data and KPIs for effective decision-making in their organizations. The site features a comprehensive list of metrics, detailed information for each, tools and templates, real-life examples, and expert tips.


Whether you're new to legal operations or an experienced practitioner, you'll find a space here to collaborate, learn, share knowledge, and discover best practices. It's a unique resource for professional growth and strategic alignment.

The Book

This book should be in the hands of every legal person in-house and aspiring legal person. Mori has giving us a gift that is both thought provoking and practical in its application - Excellent work product!

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The Community

Finally, a one-stop-stop for legal metrics that explains exactly what each means, plus how to calculate and most importantly, how to communicate using this data to tell your story!


Digital Copy of the Book

Scan QR codes within the book to access enhanced content, additional templates, and join in on conversations. Transform your book into a dynamic resource for achieving operational excellence.

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Spend Management

Cross-Functional Collaborations


Invoice and Data Quality Analysis

In-House Resource and Performance Management

Diversity and Inclusion

Compliance and Risk Management

Law Firm and Vendor Management

Comprehensive Coverage

Legal Operations encompass a variety of areas, each with its own specific data and decision-making needs. Our growing metrics and KPIs are meticulously categorized to provide extensive coverage across most, if not all, of these diverse areas.

Share and Collaborate

Something inspiring or thought-provoking? Easily share it with colleagues, add a comment or question, and invite others to collaborate. Others can join the discussion, provide feedback, and enrich the conversation with their own insights.


 Readiness Assessment Tool

Not every metric is suitable for implementation by everyone. Use this tool to gauge your organization’s preparedness and find metrics that are suited for every stage in legal operations, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Tailored Readiness Levels

Find KPIs and Metrics suited for every stage in legal operations, from beginners to advanced practitioners. This book provides the essential tools to enhance your work and progress effectively, no matter where you are in your organization's journey.


Search and Filter

Quickly uncover the information you need by searching any relevant keyword. Filter metrics based on criteria such as type, audience, or tags, ensuring you find exactly what you're looking for with ease.

Interactive Charts

Our library of charts is not only a great source of inspiration for data visualization but also offer an interactive experience unlike any traditional book.

My copy was delivered this week! Legal Operations KPIs truly is a Professional’s handbook to operational excellence... This is a must read and great reference book.

InfiniGlobe - Counself RFP - Monitor showing 'Climate Change Litigation - RFP' with law firm comparisons.

Control Your Costs and KPIs with Counself RFP

Now that you're up to speed with key metrics from 'Legal Operations KPIs' in critical areas such as Spend Management, Budgeting, and Law Firm and Vendor Management, consider taking your legal department's performance to the next level with Counself RFP.

This practical, turn-key solution, certified with ISO and fortified with robust end-to-end encryption, is designed to streamline your RFP processes efficiently, enhancing your cost optimization and vendor management strategies.

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This book points to one of the most important challenges in my day-to-day life: understanding the efficiency and quality of our services and how we can demonstrate the value we bring, especially through KPIs.

Nicolas Panigutti
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