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Use the power of your legal data with "Legal Operations KPIs." This comprehensive guide is tailored for a diverse audience – from the proactive Legal Ops professional and the strategic General Counsel to Law Firms aiming to align with corporate legal requirements. In an era where legal departments have evolved from mere cost centers to pivotal strategic business units, this book emerges as an unparalleled resource.


Crafted by a seasoned expert who has both witnessed and being part of this transformation, "Legal Operations KPIs" transcends mere listings. It empowers readers with detailed notes and instructions, enabling both legal operations and technical audiences to effectively create, deliver, and interpret each report, metric, and KPI.


More than just a book, consider this your compass to legal operational excellence. Whether you aim to impress c-level management, lead your team, or foster robust professional relationships, this book is the indispensable manual for every legal professional.

Legal Ops KPI Book

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