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Legal Operations KPIs

The Professional’s Handbook to Operational Excellence


This book serves as an essential guide for a wide range of legal professionals, from Legal Ops experts to Law Firms as it provides detailed insights into creating, delivering, and interpreting key reports, metrics, and KPIs.  Authored by an industry expert, the book stands as a comprehensive tool for achieving excellence in legal operations, ensuring readers are well-equipped to lead teams and foster valuable professional relationships.

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Inside the Book

Comprehensive Coverage

"'Legal Operations KPIs' delivers a thorough compilation of metrics and reports across varied domains such as Spend Management, Budgeting, Invoice and Data Quality Analysis, among others. This extensive range equips legal professionals with the analytical tools to optimize financial strategies, enhance data integrity, and elevate overall legal operational efficiency.

Online Resources

Cement your expertise in Legal Operations with each purchase of 'Legal Operations KPIs,' which offers more than pages—every article comes with a QR code providing direct access to an extended online version at There, interactive discussions, customizable content, and continuously updated resources await, transforming the book into an evolving toolkit for legal professionals dedicated to excellence.

Tailored Readiness Levels

The KPIs and Metrics in this book are not one-size-fits-all; they are carefully crafted to cater to varying levels of readiness within legal operations. Whether you're building the foundations at the 'Early' stage or refining sophisticated systems at the 'Advanced' level, you'll find the tools and insights necessary to elevate your practice and drive meaningful progress at every stage of your organization’s evolution.

About the Author

Mori Kabiri, the founder of InfiniGlobe LLC, has dedicated his career to harnessing technology for the betterment of the legal industry. As a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 legal departments, a recognized Forbes contributor, and a co-author of research on machine learning applications in LegalOps, Mori has firmly established his authority in both academic and legal professional circles. With a deep understanding of the nexus between law, technology, and business processes, he has advised legal departments of major corporations for over two decades, consistently highlighting the pivotal role of data in guiding legal team decisions. Outside the professional realm, Mori's passion for life is evident in his culinary adventures and worldwide travels.

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