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Counself RFP - TeamConnect Integration

Elevating Legal Vendor Management to New Heights

Maximize Your Technology Investments.

Introducing the Counself RFP™ - TeamConnect™ Integration, a sophisticated alignment of Corporate Legal Management and Counself's RFP prowess. This integration propels the RFP and legal vendor management process into a new era of efficiency and precision. The necessity for streamlined vendor interaction and cost optimization is critical for corporate legal departments to maintain compliance and avoid excess expenditure, and until now, has been a complex challenge.

Users will now wield the capability to launch and manage RFPs directly within TeamConnect, observe critical cost information alongside case details, and synchronize essential data with flawless automation. By eliminating the dependence on manual data handling and crafting a singular nexus for information, this integration not only boosts productivity but also reinforces fiscal compliance, establishing it as an indispensable tool for forward-thinking corporate law departments.

Effortless RFP Issuance and Monitoring
within TeamConnect.

TeamConnect interface featuring integrated Counself RFP tool, streamlining legal RFP management, case tracking, and vendor communication for efficient legal operations.
Automatic Syncing

Say goodbye to manual entries and batch processes. The connector ensures real-time data transfer between Exterro and TeamConnect.

One-Click Actions

Initiate legal holds or update matter information right from your TeamConnect screen, no navigation required

Centralized Monitoring

View, track, and monitor the status of matters and legal holds without toggling between systems.

Elevating Efficiency and Simplifying Reporting with Seamless, Secure Integration.

Understanding the importance of streamlining legal operations, InfiniGlobe proudly presents a seamless integration connector, harmonizing the functionalities of our proprietary platform, Counself, with Mitratech's TeamConnect. This collaboration ensures that regardless of your current technological landscape, the transition to a more cohesive and efficient legal management system is effortless and pre-configured for immediate adoption.

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