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InfiniGlobe Delivers Successful Complex TeamConnect® Upgrade for Fortune 200 Company

Technological advancement and system improvement in legal software solutions.

December 2, 2019

InfiniGlobe LLC rolled out one of the most complex TeamConnect® Upgrades from a decade-old versioned system; a project that was executed professionally, smoothly, on time, and within budget.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - The InfiniGlobe team completed yet another successful Mitratech® Enterprise Legal Management system go-live just in time for the holidays, marking the determined and long-awaited success of an upgrade that had for too long been on the brink of roll-backs. The client, an international Fortune 200 company, finally chose InfiniGlobe as technology partner for the project because of their resounding confidence in InfiniGlobe’s reputation for flawless delivery, secure that their legacy system upgrade would be completed as advertised: smoothly, on time, and within budget.

“It has been 7 months of analyses, fixing, testing, and many collaborative hours of work between our cross-country InfiniGlobe and client teams, and we are all overjoyed at the results: a very smooth and successful go-live weekend,” shared InfiniGlobe CEO, Mori Kabiri. “We look forward to modernizing more legacy systems and to empowering more clients as they move forward in taking advantage of their legal technology investments to increase productivity and user adoption.”

As a leading technology service provider for corporate legal departments, InfiniGlobe is elated to serve enterprise clients who leverage its certified expertise to ease their pains and enhance their projects. The team found it especially rewarding to resolve decade-standing issues and witness the resulting technology compliance gained and efficiency improvements delivered, building confidence both for and in the IG team.

“The TeamConnect project was considered a major milestone for this international client, as it was not only long overdue, but it also ensured that they could be fully supported by Mitratech and would be eligible for free upgrades in the future,” reflected Arjun Bhattacherjee, Sr. Systems Architect at InfiniGlobe. “It was not easy… we faced a potentially debilitating bottleneck while handling large datasets during the Data Warehouse upgrade but were able to mitigate it with a unique and elegant approach appreciated both by the client and Mitratech.”

The rollout exhibits the ongoing strength of the close partnership between Mitratech® and InfiniGlobe. InfiniGlobe, a Mitratech Certified Partner, has a team of experts with a combined 30+ years of successful TeamConnect, BusinessObjects, CSM/Collaboration, and other Mitratech product enhancements, upgrades, and customizations.

“We were thrilled to take on the challenge of analyzing, designing, and implementing such an onerous project, and it is especially gratifying to see the benefits we strive to deliver,” said Abhishek Singh, Sr. Developer at InfiniGlobe. “Certainly, it was a challenging project, as we were committed to ensuring through their upgrade that their legacy system, with years of customizations, would be compliant with the new TeamConnect API.”

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About InfiniGlobe

InfiniGlobe LLC is a software technology and consulting company headquartered in Newport Beach, California, offering a broad range of professional services and software solutions for the legal industry. With decades of experience working in legal technologies and a prominent reputation of consistently and passionately helping clients solve their problems, the InfiniGlobe team enables Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms alike to overcome the challenges and complexities of technology through simple, intuitive design solutions. At InfiniGlobe, we don’t believe in the finite – in what just works; we believe in the infinite – in purpose, collaboration, and achievement. To learn more, please visit

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